Finishing The Rube Goldberg iMovie

I’ve just finished making the iMovie for my Rube Goldberg. I showed to Leo, my teacher, and my family. We are the first ones to finish the Rube Goldberg and make the iMovie. We are very proud of ourselves and are thinking about doing another one. My teacher was very impressed and told me that I could teach other teachers in the school how to use it better. The hardest part for me in the iMovie was importing The Good, Bad, and Ugly theme song. I looked at a lot of websites but finally found a good one where you can convert a youtube video into a .mp3, .mp4, or an AVR clip that you can import into iMovie. Here is the link:

Here is an image of us setting up the Rube Goldberg.

Leo And I At My House

I can’t wait to show it to my class and present it!


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