Rube Goldberg Review

I am so happy that Leo and I finally finished our Rube Goldberg project. Leo and I were the first ones to finish in the grade. We had 51 tries, 50 fails and finally success. My parents and teacher loved the iMovie and all the efforts that we put into it. Our Rube Goldberg design was elaborate with 19 navigational steps that started from the kitchen counter top and went down two separate sets of steps into the far side of my basement. We are pleased that we could remove the kinks and make our complex design work.  Since then Leo and I have tried to build mini Rube Goldberg’s containing five or six steps during our playdates. We hope to come up with an even more complex Rube Goldberg design next year.

Click this link to see the iMovie.

Rube Goldberg 2018 – Small-ueuk9y

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  1. You two have certainly set the bar high for future groups! Congratulations on the outstanding movie and successful Rube Goldberg Machine!

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