Nerdy Derby

In school, we had a few people come over to our class. They talked about a project called Nerdy Derby. We also did this project in 4th grade. In Nerdy Derby, you have to make a car. These were the materials that we used to make the car were wood, straws, wheels, and axels. I worked with a friend named Leo. We both decided that we should put a lot of weight in the front. But the test did not go as expected. The car flew off the track because it was a little too heavy. We reduced the weight in the front and moved some to the middle so the car would always stay on the track. The trick was to not make the car too heavy or too light and to add some more weight in the front than any other part of the car. I had a great time and it was even more fun than last year. WE learned to make an aerodynamic car that would not create a lot of friction or resistance. I like to build things and can start with basic designs like this and later on turn them into more sophisticated things.

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