Choosing A Topic For Capstone

I have started Capstone which is a 5th-grade project where you share something that you are passionate about so that you enjoy doing it.

At first, I chose Artificial Intelligence for my Capstone project, but then thinking about it some more, I decided to choose a topic through which I could potentially help some people. The topic I now have chosen for my project is “Effective Water Treatment Methods In Developing Countries”. The reason I choose this topic is that more than 750 million people in the world don’t have access to safe water – that is two and a half times the population of the United States; and globally one-third of all schools lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation. Sixty percent of the human body is made of water and drinking contaminated water can cause many serious diseases such as Diarrheal, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, and Guinea worm disease. The map below shows the water stress level in the world.

Related image

The first step to start my project is to generate questions so I will cover my whole topic and not miss out on anything. The questions have rankings from one as the worst to four as the best. My goal is to get my best two questions earning a three or a four.

My two main questions are:

  1. What are some effective water treatment methods to clean water in communities in developing countries? What are their pros and cons and what can countries, companies, and individuals do to help?

Some of my additional questions are:

  1. How is water distributed to people in developing countries?
  2. What are some examples of areas where there is limited clean water and reasons for  – large population, water pollution, poor sanitation, no access to water treatment technologies, no funds and education to implement water treatment?
  3. What are the most harmful chemicals and bacteria in water that is harmful to the human body?
  4. What are some of the methods to test the clean water?

I am really curious and excited to start my research project on water treatment in developing countries. This summer, I am going to India for a couple of weeks and I would like to use the findings of my research project to help some of the poor communities get access to clean water and proper sanitation.


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