Graphic Novel Reflection

Graphic Novel Reflection

Reading graphic novels gave me a better understanding of the process of graphic novels like how to draw characters or when to make changes. I also learned how to do more advanced things like making people whisper. Reading graphic novels were fun because it was in a different format and it had pictures which I could imagine in motion.

Writing graphic novels was easier than writing a normal story and broke it up into parts and made me dig deep into my imagination. It made me feel free because you get to draw and make any cool features you want. Writing graphic novels changed my reading because it brought me interest in other topics and made me refer to my topic.

At first, I didn’t really know what topic to pick for my graphic novel, but I thought about all the graphic novels I read and I thought of a good topic. I used my skills from reading graphic novels and used it in writing my graphic novel. I worked on it a lot and came up with a great graphic novel. In addition, I made small postcards and sent my comic to my cousins.

I loved this unit on graphic novels and this was a great adventure, topic, and learning experience.

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