The Self-Driving Car Game

This week we are working on a very fun activity, a self-driving car game. It works like the system of the car, except you are the sensors. It’s simple. All you need is three switches, a proper-wired breadboard, and a deck of cards for the game.

You have to make the switches so if you move something on the switch, both of the pieces of conductors touch (I think aluminum foil is best for a project like this). Once they touch, the circuit will close and the positive and negative currents will go from the powered breadboard (from the battery) to the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Your two other switches should connect to the other two LED’s. Now, if both of your conductors are touching, an LED should light up. Later on, we will use the cards for the actual game.

A self-driving car works like a camera that spins around very fast over and over to get a picture of the car’s surroundings. It also has sensors that tell it when to stop, start, or go. It works just like the circuit we made, but it triggers when the sensors sense some movement and know that there is another car or human in its path.

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