Hey Guys! What’s Up? It’s Pedro!


Hey Guys! What’s Up? It’s Pedro! I’m Brazilian (That means I’m from Brazil). I like video games such as Pokemon, Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, and Star Wars Battlefront. I also love soccer. I like to draw. I like to watch TV series such as The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and Arrow. I watch TV like almost all the time. I even watch TV before I go to school, after I come from school, after my homework, before dinner, after dinner, and before bed. My life is basically TV Video Games TV.

My FAVORITE food is… (Drum Roll Please) DORITOS! Like c’mon who doesn’t like Doritos? I don’t like chocolate at all (Don’t judge me). I also like pasta a lot (Especially with white sauce). I don’t like mac n’ cheese or pasta with red sauce. I also like pizza.

I will write about video games I like, funny jokes, I’ll post pictures of my drawings, I’ll make top 10s of everything, really, in my blog. Hope you enjoy my blog. See ya next time. 😛


  1. Pedro,
    I like your blog. Nice work. I hope you continue to add to it. I love Doritos, too…but I’m sure you knew that. My favorite are the Spicy Nacho. In fact, they are the only kind I have ever had! Do you like the different flavors? Which is your favorite?
    It has been my pleasure having you in our class this year. I hope you have a great summer.
    Mrs. Assatly

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