My top 10 Favorite Super-Heros

    10-Captain America  Steve Rogers took the Super Soldier to fight off against Red-Skull, then climbed on a missile and froze. Then he was un-frozen in 2013. 9-Flash Barry

Groovy Octopus! ?

They can shape-shift, they can camouflage, and they can think-out predators. These (Not So) amazing creatures are called Octopus. Octopus have 8 tentacles with suckers and are very GROOVY. Octopus can

Breakout! (Again)

We did Breakout!

My top LEAST favorite Pokemon

10 Dialga-  What Is This Thing             9 Smeargle- This Pokemon is Pablo Picasso as a Pokemon, and oh boy he is UGLY    

Review on Sweet Dreams ( Are Made Of This)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) is a song made by the Eurythmics and was published in 1983. I Know this song because I watched a movie called X-Men Apocalypse. The song


Have you ever been to an escape the room? Breakout is almost an escape the room, but instead of breaking out of the room, you have to open a box.


Sociedade Eportiva Palmeiras is the soccer team that I root for. My Great-Grandpa played in Palmeiras as defense. My whole family roots for this team (except for some uncles). If

Let’s Go Kayaking!

We went to the Scarsdale Pool to go kayaking. Kayaking is AWESOME! I’ve been kayaking before along time ago and it really feels good to be in a boat again

Review on Rocket League

Rocket League is a video game about a cars that play Soccer (crazy right?!). The game is pretty cool the graphics are OK, but the gameplay is very rich. The

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