Review on Sweet Dreams ( Are Made Of This)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) is a song made by the Eurythmics and was published in 1983. I Know this song because I watched a movie called X-Men Apocalypse. The song was played when Quicksilver uses his super speed to save everyone from the exploding Mansion/School.  When I heard the song it became my ultimate favorite.

Quicksilver scene from X-Men Apocalypse





  1. I think your post was awesome! I like Quicksilver too. I think it is cool how he is so fast. I really like the theme song.

  2. Hi Pedro! I think “Sweet Dreams ( Are Made Of This)” sounds amazing and quicksilver is my favorite x-men.

  3. I also knew of this song before you made this post, but it goes really well with the scene from the movie. I think it was a pretty good post.

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