My top 10 Favorite Super-Heros



10-Captain America Image result for captain america

Steve Rogers took the Super Soldier to fight off against Red-Skull, then climbed on a missile and froze. Then he was un-frozen in 2013.

9-FlashImage result for The Flash

Barry Allen gained his powers by get struck by a lightning during an explosion. Then he got super fast.


8- File:NightwingCover.jpg

Ex-Robin Dick Grayson retired from Robin, and became Nightwing.



7-Ant Man Related image

Scott Lang used to be a criminal, but one day he became Ant Man



6-Arrow Image result for arrow cw

Oliver Queen was stranded in an island for 5 years, and when he came back Star City was full of crime. So he became Arrow


5-QuicksilverImage result for quicksilver xmen apocalypse

Peter Maximoff was born with his Super Speed. He joined the X-men as Quicksilver.


4-The Hulk

Image result for hulk thor ragnarok

Bruce Banner was experimenting with radioactive chemicals which caused an explosion. He got his powers in that explosion. Now he fights crime as the giant Incredible Hulk!


3 -Spider ManImage result for spider man homecoming spidey suit

Peter Parker got his power when he was bit by a radioactive spider. Now he fights crime as Spider-Man.


2-DeadpoolImage result for deadpool

Wade Wilson was going to die because of cancer, he went to a place where people told him they could cure him, but really they wanted to bring his inner mutant by torturing him and it worked. YOU CAN’T KILL HIM!


1-Wolverine Image result for wolverine

Logan was born a mutant with bone claws, some people kidnapped him and put him in the Weapon X project that gave him Adamantium skeleton, Adamantium claws, and enhanced his powers making him immortal. He later joined the X-men.




  1. Dear Pedro,

    loved your topic is was great and fun to read I liked how you listed your superheros instead of just saying them. I Also liked how you put up pictures of the superheros and did a little explanation of the superheros. I also liked some of the superheros like the flash, the arrow, and spiderman. Do you like any other superheros like that?

    From, Brandon

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