My top 10 Favorite Super-Heros

10-Iron ManImage result for Iron man

Tony Stark, the playboy billionaire makes in iron armor to fight crime as Iron Man.


9-Captain America Image result for captain america

Steve Rogers took the Super Soldier to fight off against Red-Skull, then climbed on a missile and froze. Then he was un-frozen in 2013.

8-FlashImage result for The Flash

Barry Allen gained his powers by get struck by a lightning during an explosion. Then he got super fast.


7- NightwingImage result for nightwing injustice

Ex-Robin Dick Grayson retired from Robin, and became Nightwing.



6-Ant Man Related image

Scott Lang used to be a criminal, but one day he became Ant Man



5-Arrow Image result for arrow cw

Oliver Queen was stranded in an island for 5 years, and when he came back Star City was full of crime. So he became Arrow


4-QuicksilverImage result for quicksilver xmen apocalypse

Peter Maximoff was born with his Super Speed. He joined the X-men as Quicksilver.



3 -Spider ManImage result for spider man homecoming spidey suit

Peter Parker got his power when he was bit by a radioactive spider. Now he fights crime as Spider-Man.


2-DeadpoolImage result for deadpool

Wade Wilson was going to die because of cancer, he went to a place where people told him they could cure him, but really they wanted to bring his inner mutant by torturing him and it worked. YOU CAN’T KILL HIM!


1-Wolverine Image result for wolverine

Logan was born a mutant with bone claws, some people kidnapped him and put him in the Weapon X project that gave him Adamantium skeleton, Adamantium claws, and enhanced his powers making him immortal. He later joined the X-men.



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