Black Hole

How do you envision a black hole? Probably something like this: But in reality, they look more like this: Invisible.   Black Holes are invisible to the human eye, because

Review on The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a portable and TV console. You can play it on your TV and on your hands. There are lots of games you can play on it

Six-Word Stories

Bread With Butter Brought Me Here   Not Worth it, No other Option   Small Boat, Long Journey, Just Me   Wealthy rich people above. Scum Below    

What’s Great About Karl

Karl is my buddy. He is super funny. He started calling me “Perrito,” and every time he calls me that I crack up since Perrito means puppy in Spanish. Karl

Karl’s Amazing Artwork

This is a picture my buddy Karl made. I really like this because it’s colorful and Karl put a lot of detail into it. I think it’s unique to Karl’s style:

Review On Overwatch

Recently I got this video-game called Overwatch and I want to make a review on it.

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