learning about our new projects

we have learned about the new project. it is confusing but we are going to learn bit by bit even more until we become export. i already have learned about how to light up the light, it is very hard but not as hard as i thought at first.i hope my flashlight turns aot as […]

feb 28 YAY

today i am the first in line of doing the soldering iron yay!!! i actually added some fun to the hair of the head of my future person, I learned how to use it for the first time and it turned out amazing i love it the only problem is that a am still not […]

february 29, 2019

the day of today i am going to learn how to do the nek of my person very excited because not only that but! also going to put some hands on that little person that will turn out great!!!b NOT ONLY THAT BUT AFTER I FINISH I AM GOING TO USE THE SOLDERING AIERN!!!! sadly […]

week one!!!

this was one of the BEST classes of all!! we did the best activity we had ever done, we did a the break out me and my teammates was amazing we learned a lot of things like about the safety rules… think before you act tie your hair training before rules not talking when using […]