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Hi I’m Back

Hi, my name is Peter and now I’m in fourth grade. I have 2 brothers and live in New York. I like to play many sports and play the violin. I have been playing the violin for 6 years now. I am on Suzuki book three and in my school’s orchestra. I started to play the piano but this summer, but I decided to quit because there was too much for me to do. My favorite sport is soccer. I like it because you get to kick a ball. I also really like tennis. In this blog there will be a lot of posts about sports and my life.


I play for a travel soccer team in the NPL ( National Premier League ). Our team is doing pretty good but we’re not in first place. Once my team was playing in a tournament and I got the ball and shot. I scored! Our team won the tournament and I got a really cool medal and our team got a huge trophy!

I also really like baseball. I’m a good pitcher and a good hitter. Once I hit the ball so far that I was able to run around all the bases to score a homerun!


If you like sports this is the blog for you! If you have feedback please tell me. I am always looking for ways to get my posts better. Bye!


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