December 20

Temperate forest food web

A food web is a transfer of energy to fuel another living thing. The sun is the ultimate source of energy, if there was no sun every living thing would die. In a temperate forest food webs the plants absorb sunlight and turns it into glucose, a sugar, in a process called photosynthesis. Then consumers like squirrels, birds, mice and rabbits will eat the seeds and plants. Which would be eaten by more consumers that don’t eat plants such as foxes and hawks and the decomposers decompose organic material .

If one of the animals was to die out it would unbalance the whole web. For instance, in this temperate forest food web if the rabbits were to die out, the hawks might die out without any food to eat.   





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3 thoughts on “Temperate forest food web

  1. kassatly

    Nice post, Peter! I love how you explained what photosynthesis is and also how you explained what would happen if one of the “members” of the food web became extinct. What are the reasons a food web member could die out?

  2. eha26

    Dear Peter,
    Nice Post! I liked how you explained what photosynthesis was. I didn’t do the temperate rain forest on my post but I did just the rain forest! : )

  3. lglik26

    Dear Peter
    I Love how you explained what would happen if some one in the web died. I wonder if the temperate forest is a good place to live.

    – Lucy


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