Halloween story

One halloween night, I was strolling down the streets when something flickered. I looked, nothing, so I kept walking but then I thought I saw it again, I looked and saw it. A light flickering like a old light bulb that doesn’t work. It seemed to be calling me over. I walked closer, then I realized something.  It’s coming from the graveyard, I thought. But my curiosity took over me and so I went down into the lonely graveyard. I walked into the graveyard, closer and closer to the light, down rows of old stone slabs marking the death of a loved one. Then I saw the source of the flickering light, it was a girl, she looked no more than 11 years old.

“Hello?”, I asked, “What do you want?”

She made this motion with her hand, come. She lead me to a grave. I read it, Angelina Martice 1981-1990.

“ Is that you”, I questioned, not expecting an answer.

“ Yes”, said the girl. Only then did I realize that the girl did have an eerie atmosphere and was kind of see-through.

“ You, can speak?”

“ Yes but I must at the spot of my death”.

“ Why did you bring me here?”

“ It gets quite lonely in this area”.

Once again my curiosity took over and I started asking her  questions. “Where did you live before you died”, “How did you die?” and so on.

She answered calmly, “ All your questions will be answered in a matter of time. I can show you everything, including death”. Had I been listening closely none of this would have happened, but I got lost on everything.

“You wouldn’t mind showing me?”

“Not at all, just sit on my grave”


“Sit on my grave!”


“Didn’t I tell you all your questions will be answered soon!”

“ Well, if you say so”, I said. I sat down when there was a sensation that I could not describe. It was as if I was falling at millions of miles per hour and being spun around at the same speed. Suddenly it stopped. I saw a town it looked like the one that I live in but it looked older.

“Where am I?”, I asked

“YOU ARE IN MY MEMORIES”, Angelina Martice’s voice said, “IT IS MY STRONGEST ONE”.

“Which one is that one?”


“So where is this place?”

“How did yo-”


I saw a girl, probably Angelina, in a witch costume, running around with her friends, I saw very original halloween costumes, skeletons, werewolves, monsters and witches. They went trick or treating for a while and then everyone left but Angelina. She was walking slowly, like in a trance, towards the graveyard, and then once in ,stopped and kneeled down. A female ghost appeared. They talked for a while and then Angelina sat down and closed her eyes. A man in black snuck up on her and stood there. The ghost told Angelina something and she spun around….. Then everything blacked out.

“What happened?” I said after I got off the gravestone.

“That’s all I remember”, she said, glancing behind me.

“What were you talking about”.

“She was showing me her memories and how she died”.

“ Wait, what!”, I spun around and I saw him, a man, dressed in black, his face covered with black soot, I saw something sharp glinting in his hand, a bright red. And then….. It fell.