November 5

Haiku Tavish and Peter

Good poem battles

Between Tavish and Peter

Haiku arguments


Peter: Unicorns dancing

Killer clowns in the movies

They go together

Tavish: That is pretty dumb.

             When will you learn to shut up

             This is so boring.

Peter: Yes this poem is;
Right, you should just shut up Tav
and now go away

Tavish: Okay let’s write one.
About me going away.
Oh wait, here it is.

Peter: Where art thou teacher
Methink you should delete tab
Really do it now


Tavish: Okay, wait what the–
Seriously what the heck
Was that haiku thing


Tavish: Goodbye Peter Lin.
Now I am leaving this doc.
So I hope you’re glad.


Peter:  I am ze shakespeare
Ze pear in ze shake Tavish
Methinks you should leave


Tavish: Okay, just shut up.
Okay enough dumb old talk
Okay goodbye now


Peter: Thank you for leaving
Ze shakespeare has retired
I am Peter now

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2 thoughts on “Haiku Tavish and Peter

  1. plin26 (Post author)

    This is just stupid
    Me writing this weird haiku
    I should just quit now

    Why did I write that
    I should repeat the last line
    I should just quit now

    But I don’t want to
    my fingers are stuck to the;
    Keyboard I can’t quit

    Get me a knife so;
    I can cut the sticky glue
    Thanks for standing there

    This is pretty dumb.
    When will you learn to shut up
    This is so boring.

    You’re an idiot.
    I hate you you suck so much
    I’m really salty

    Oh, Insert Bad Word
    The freaking teacher is here
    Oh god, please help me. (pls dont see this)

    I suck at haikus.
    Seriously; just read this
    Oh my god, I quit

    Beautiful flowers.
    Swaying gently in the breeze.
    Worst last line ever.

    This is a haiku.
    It is a really bad one.
    About unicorns.

    Oh my god just ugh.
    I can’t think of anything.
    God this really sucks
    I thought of something!
    I finally thought of this.
    Here, listen to me: (oh wait I don’t have anymore syllables. dangit.)

    Okay I’ll tell you:
    It’s about crazy thingies.
    So you should prepare. (dangit.) (again.)

    Okay I’ll tell you.
    If I have enough sylla-
    Are you kidding me?


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