How did I transfer energy this weekend?

I woke up, used mechanical energy to get out of bed, I went downstairs to eat. When I was eating, I  used mechanical energy, to swallow the food, then, my stomach used energy to break down the food and create more energy. Then I went to take a shower, I turned the knob which used mechanical energy, and since the knob had potential electrical energy, it now turned in to kinetic electrical energy, and turned the shower on. It was too cold so I turned the knob even more, which converted electrical energy, into thermal energy, which then heated the water up. After that I went back to sleep and waited until it was lunch.

For my post about Swift playgrounds, I decided to do You Are Always Right. This level uses the while loop, and you can also use anything else you have learned before from previous levels.
So in my code I used the while loop and also the if/else statement. At first I used this code that made me keep going in circles, and not collecting the final gem, so I tweaked the code, adding another if statement, and I finally got the gem and finished the level. This was hard to figure out and it took lots of trial and error, even if the code looks relatively simple. In total this code took about 15-20 mins to figure out, and after I did that I moved on to the Intro to Algorithms.

What is Energy?

Energy is the amount of work an object can do or is doing, usually measured in joules. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, only changed or transferred, in an isolated system. This is known as the law of conservation of energy, which is the first law of thermodynamics, which along with two other laws explain the relationship between heat and other energy. It also explains how energy can be lost through heat.