Orange Snow Covers Most of Eastern Europe

Orange Snow In Europe

Recently people in eastern Europe got to see a very strange and rare sight. Orange snow fell on many parts of Russia, Bulgaria, Greece and the Ukraine. But this isn’t the first time this happened. Meteorologists say this usually happens every five years or so.

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How it happened

This orange snow was caused by sandstorms in the Sahara desert in Africa. The sandstorms sometimes make a lot of sand and dust to be picked up and swept into the atmosphere. The sand then drifted across all the way to Europe where it mixed with the snow and rain.Image result for saharan dust storm


Many people were amazed by the orange snow. Many people skied, snowboarded and did other stuff with the snow. Some people even said it was like skiing on mars. But make sure you don’t fall down, unless you want a mouthful of sand.

Personal essay


Some people think that having a brother is good but I think that having a brother is hard. Somethings you just can’t get when you have a brother like peace and quiet. Having a brother is hard because you always have to do whatever they want to do, share everything with them, and because you always get blamed for things that you didn’t do.


“Three, two one, let it rip!!!”, my two brothers said in unison. I just rolled my eyes. My two brothers had forced me to play a game called beyblade. It’s like those spinning tops but they spin longer. “I could be doing other things like reading my book and playing something else”, I thought. Then I pulled the string on the launcher . After 2 boring minutes of watching the beyblades spin. My brothers said, “Again, again!”. After that battle I thought” one more time and and I’m going to burst”. That is only one example of me having to play something I don’t like with my brothers. Here is a list of the things my brothers force me to do even though I don’t like playing it: my brothers like to play cars and I don’t, my brother like to play beyblade and I don’t, and my brothers like to play punch the Peter ( me) and I definitely don’t.


Another reason I don’t like having a brother is because you have to share everything. One day when I was about 6 years old I got a present for my birthday. Back then I was interested in Pokemon cards. One of my friends gave me a box containing an EX Pokemon card. It was very powerful I really wanted to open it right then so I could add it to my collection. Apparently my brother Johnny was interested in the card too. He said he wanted it. I said that he couldn’t have it , but my mom said we have to share the card. I started to argue, I said that it was my birthday, but my mom said it was final and if we kept on arguing there won’t be enough time to open the rest of the presents.  Sometimes you have to share things you don’t want to share like things that are important to you and fragile things or things they might lose.


The most important reason of why having a brother is hard is because they always blame you for stuff they did wrong and say it was you. This story is an example of when they blame you for something. My other brother Charlie is pretty strong for his age. He likes to kick and punch Johnny and me and tell on us for punching him just for the fun of it. One day he decided to take a trophy from my room and told on me for taking a trophy from his room! Mom believed him because he is 5 years old and I am 10 and because she thinks it is something I would do.

“ Go to your room!!” mom yells.


“I said go to your room!!!!!”.

I get blamed a lot by my brothers. They like to take stuff from my room and say that I stole it from their room. Johnny likes to takes things he wants but I won’t give him and charlie likes to physically hurt me and tell on me for hurting him.


Now you know if you don’t have a brother how hard it is because you have to do whatever they want, you have to share everything you have, and mostly because you brother blames you for everything even though you did nothing. So if any of you out there want to have a brother, I would think twice.

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

 Article = Would you eat lab grown meat?

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Article date = Feb 15, 2018

Author = Alexis

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Summary =  Lab-grown meat also known as clean meat may be the meat of the future. Studies show that our usual way of getting meat takes up 30% of the world’s land.  Lab grown meat takes up 99% less land, 96% less greenhouse gas emissions, 90% less water and doesn’t kill the animal.

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How to make a lab grown hamburger

Lab grown meat is made by removing adult stem cells from a cow, which is said to be a painless procedure, then they separate the fat cells from the muscle cells. They use the muscle cells to grow the meat. The muscle cells are then placed in an artificial environment also know as a cell culture. In order to grow the cell needs amino acids and carbohydrates. One muscle cell could grow into millions of cells resulting in many hamburgers or whatever kind of meat you are trying to grow. Five years ago a lab grown hamburger cost $325,000 now the price has been reduced to $11.

What does it lab grown meat taste like ?

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Lab grown meat is right now made just out of muscle so it is not as fatty as a regular hamburger. Scientist who make lab-grown meat are trying to put healthy fats and imitation blood into the meat to make the meat taste more like regular meat.

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I think we should eat lab-grown meat. Studies also show that one-third of the public is in favor of lab-grown meat. Remember, lab-grown meat is not only good for the environment, it is also good for us, eating lab-grown meat means that we less likely to get antibiotic resistance from eating meat because lab-grown meat is not grown near antibiotics. Eating lab-grown meat also is made in a cleaner environment than outdoor farms, there for the risk of contamination from bacteria is thus eliminated.



Nonfiction reading unit

In the last 2 months, I learned how to read nonfiction better and how to take notes better. In this blog I will be teaching you some of the things I learned.

Here are some key points you need in order to have a good summary when reading nonfiction:


Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer by

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When you take notes on a nonfiction text recognize the text structure, if it is Compare and Contrast, Problem and Solution or Cause and Effect graphs are the best way to organize your notes. A Cause and Effect graph is shown above. Remember: notes are never full sentences.


Emma, Matthew, Jack, Jalyn, Victoria, Kathy, Liya, Taryn were in my group for the nonfiction reading unit. We studied volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Our research on those topics lead to different questions. One question I had was do all earthquakes happen because of fault lines and tectonic plates? After many days of research I came to this conclusion. Scientist believe that different things such as a collapsing cave can cause similar effects as an earthquake but all earthquakes happen because of tectonic plates and fault lines because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be classified as an earthquake.


We did this thing called flipgrid. It is where we talked about our reading unit in a video. It was very fun.

link to flipgrid




Temperate forest food web

A food web is a transfer of energy to fuel another living thing. The sun is the ultimate source of energy, if there was no sun every living thing would die. In a temperate forest food webs the plants absorb sunlight and turns it into glucose, a sugar, in a process called photosynthesis. Then consumers like squirrels, birds, mice and rabbits will eat the seeds and plants. Which would be eaten by more consumers that don’t eat plants such as foxes and hawks and the decomposers decompose organic material .

If one of the animals was to die out it would unbalance the whole web. For instance, in this temperate forest food web if the rabbits were to die out, the hawks might die out without any food to eat.   





Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen by Peter Lin

The important thing about Roald Amundsen is that he was the first one to reach the South Pole. Yes, he wanted to be the one to reach the North Pole first but Robert Edwin Peary beat him. He was born in 1872, July 16 in Borge, Norway. Yes, Robert F. Scott came five weeks after Amundsen and his Norwegian team reached the South Pole. Roald left on a ship called Fram but the important thing about Roald Amundsen is that he was the first one to reach the South Pole.





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I’m Back


Hi I’m Back

Hi, my name is Peter and now I’m in fourth grade. I have 2 brothers and live in New York. I like to play many sports and play the violin. I have been playing the violin for 6 years now. I am on Suzuki book three and in my school’s orchestra. I started to play the piano but this summer, but I decided to quit because there was too much for me to do. My favorite sport is soccer. I like it because you get to kick a ball. I also really like tennis. In this blog there will be a lot of posts about sports and my life.


I play for a travel soccer team in the NPL ( National Premier League ). Our team is doing pretty good but we’re not in first place. Once my team was playing in a tournament and I got the ball and shot. I scored! Our team won the tournament and I got a really cool medal and our team got a huge trophy!

I also really like baseball. I’m a good pitcher and a good hitter. Once I hit the ball so far that I was able to run around all the bases to score a homerun!


If you like sports this is the blog for you! If you have feedback please tell me. I am always looking for ways to get my posts better. Bye!