False Fire Alarm

Screaming. Running. It was late September when a fire alarm went off at 8:30 AM everyone was so confused, Some were screaming, and lots were running. “Everyone stay calm and get in line!” yelled the teachers. But no one listened. Instead, kids formed groups and talked about what was happening. Some said they smelled smoke,  And some thought it was a drill. But then everyone sirens then the sirens stopped. The firefighters inspected the building and the loudspeaker went on, It said: “You may now enter the building.” Everyone entered the building and it was like nothing happened.

Touch Down!

It was lunch recess at Heathcote Elementary in early November when Sydney and some fifth-grade kids were in the middle of a football game. All of the kids looked so competitive. “HIKE!” one of the fifth-grade boys yelled. The ball flew across the field to another boy “PASS!” Sydney yelled but no one did. The player got tagged with the ball in his hands “Give me a turn with the ball!” yelled Sydney. “ If you were open I would.” moaned one of the players. “HIKE!” yelled one of the players. This time Sydney was open, and the player passed to her, she ran down the field with the ball in her hands. “TOUCH DOWN!!!!” Everyone yelled. Everyone was so happy for her. The player who didn’t pass to her said: “Wow that was amazing!”

Rocketry Blog Post #4

It’s finally here, the second rocket launch I’m so exited to see how our rocket is going to do, I have a feeling it will do better than the second rocket. We pumped up the rocket.” RECORDERS ARE YOU READY? CLINOMETER READERS ARE YOU READY?” My teacher yelled. This is going to be awesome. “10, 9 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” “WOW!” I yelled looking up at the sky with excitement. The rocket landed and everyone was cheering. From what I saw I knew this rocket didn’t go s high as my first rocket but I was still happy with it.

We got our second rockets score and it was okay, it was 50.5, and our average in feet was 165.6824. It definitely did not go as high as our last rocket which I wished it did but it didn’t. But over all I thought it was so much fun going through the process of making our rockets one and two,. It was the best experience so far in 5th grade and working with a group of people I didn’t really work with yet was really awesome. I loved rocketry.

Rocketry Blog post #3

In rocketry we designed and built and designed our second rocket. We were only aloud to make one change for our second rocket but that was fine with our group because we where very happy with our first rocket. But we had to choose something and that was a bit of a struggle because we loved our rocket and didn’t want to change any bit of it but we had to. So we ended up choosing to make the nose cone thinner and lighter so that mabye it would make our rocket go higher. My group tried to make the rocket identicle to our last rocket because we loved our last rocket.

My group did face some struggles with trying to choose what to change for our second rocket and what jobs we should have and things like that but we all figured it out at the end. I was the pumper and one person was the other pumper and the rest of the jobs where given to the other people in my group.

Rocketry Blog Post #2

It’s finally the day we get to launch our rockets I am so exited to see how well our rocket does. Will our rocket be able to stand the launch launch and pressure? Or will it have holes in it? Will it collapse at one foot. I just hope it does good. I thought when it was our turn to launch our rockets.

My job was to put the rocket on the launcher and then when the countdown master yelled “ONE!” I would have the honors to press the red button and launch the rocket.

When I launched the rocket my whole team looked up with glory in there eyes hoping our rocket will go higher than all of the other groups. When it landed the nose cone hit the ground first and made a dent in the field, everyone was so exited to go run up and pick up the rocket but only one person from my team got to pick up the rocket which was the countdown master. During the launch four people read a clinometer which tells them how high the rocket went. Our rocket went. Over all I think the rocket launch was awesome.

Rocketry Blog Post #1

At the start of 5th grade we started a new unit called rocketry, it is where you get to build and design a rocket with a group of three or four. In this unit you need to have teamwork, responsibility, and patience. You need teamwork because if you don’t have teamwork then your group won’t be able to get through the unit without a lot of struggles. The reason why you need responsibility is because if your group members don’t want to do something and they are arguing about it you should take responsibility and do it. You need patience because sometimes things take a while to do in rocketry, For example in the start of the unit the teacher talks about rocketry and everyone always want to build there rocket right away without even designing it first.

Our group had some struggles when we where trying to figure out whether we should do three fins, two fins, or four fins. At the start one person in my group wanted four fins, but the rest of the group wanted three and the majority wins. We also had a struggle keeping up with other groups. For instance, when we where still making our design for our first rocket, some people where already onto there building process.


Doughnuts are juicy

Doughnuts are fat

Doughnuts are filling

Doughnuts are delicious

Go to Dunk’n Doughnuts

Eat a fat doughnut

Get sprinkles on it

Get a chocolate one

Or a fat one

Or a glazed one

Or one that smells like a monkey