Rocketry Blog Post #1

At the start of 5th grade we started a new unit called rocketry, it is where you get to build and design a rocket with a group of three or four. In this unit you need to have teamwork, responsibility, and patience. You need teamwork because if you don’t have teamwork then your group won’t be able to get through the unit without a lot of struggles. The reason why you need responsibility is because if your group members don’t want to do something and they are arguing about it you should take responsibility and do it. You need patience because sometimes things take a while to do in rocketry, For example in the start of the unit the teacher talks about rocketry and everyone always want to build there rocket right away without even designing it first.

Our group had some struggles when we where trying to figure out whether we should do three fins, two fins, or four fins. At the start one person in my group wanted four fins, but the rest of the group wanted three and the majority wins. We also had a struggle keeping up with other groups. For instance, when we where still making our design for our first rocket, some people where already onto there building process.

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