Rocketry Blog Post #2

It’s finally the day we get to launch our rockets I am so exited to see how well our rocket does. Will our rocket be able to stand the launch launch and pressure? Or will it have holes in it? Will it collapse at one foot. I just hope it does good. I thought when it was our turn to launch our rockets.

My job was to put the rocket on the launcher and then when the countdown master yelled “ONE!” I would have the honors to press the red button and launch the rocket.

When I launched the rocket my whole team looked up with glory in there eyes hoping our rocket will go higher than all of the other groups. When it landed the nose cone hit the ground first and made a dent in the field, everyone was so exited to go run up and pick up the rocket but only one person from my team got to pick up the rocket which was the countdown master. During the launch four people read a clinometer which tells them how high the rocket went. Our rocket went. Over all I think the rocket launch was awesome.

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