January 11




Hi, my name is Rebecca but I like cats so I tell people to call me Cat🐱!!!! I really want a cat but my parents always say NO! It’s soooo annoying. (sometimes I am dramatic. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!) In my blog I will be talking about exiting school project,vacation ,basketball and awesome T.V shows!!!!😹👧😜. I love all animals except not all humans.

                            I live in NY. I have 1 mom, 1 dad, and 1 little sister. I  really do not like unicorns🦄. I love to watch a show called NAILED IT🎂 with Nicole Byer + Jock Toris. (i think those are their names)I love sports. In school we do something called Current Event. In my blog I will also talk about my Current event. I get my event on DogoNews. And I love prodigy.

                 My favorite sport is BASKETBALL🏀!!! It is soooooo amazing. I play rec basketball and i am on Fox Meadow red (there are 2 Fox Meadow 🏀 teams red and white.) I have great teammates. On the 8th of December I played Quaker ridge 1. We won 19-2 but they still had a really good team. I defended a girl named Coco and  Caitlin. They played well. My dad and mom came to see my game. (It was my first of the season.) Afterwards we all went to see the movie The Grinch. It was really good.

                                                                                                       I love to act. I have been in 5 Random Farms production. I have been in; The Frog Prince jr, Guys & Dolls jr, The Little Mermaid jr, Seussical jr and High School Musical jr. High School Musical was my favorite one to do. I played Zeke and i got to smash a pie🍮 (shaving cream in a pie tin.) into the girl who played Sharpe. The person who played Sharpe was named Leora. She was really nice and funny. My favorite part in it was stick to the status quo.

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January 11

The Important Book About Marco Polo

The important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer. 

He traveled to China.

He was born in 1254 in Venice.

He walked 400 miles of desert.

He did not meet his father until he was 15.

He was from Italy.

Image result for marco poloHe met Kublai Khan when he was 20.

He traveled 15,000 miles.

There was a book about him called “The Travels of Marco Polo.”

He traveled through China for 15 years.

But the important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer.


January 8


                                  ALL ABOUT A MAGLEV TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




                      A maglev train is a train that goes faster than all trains and can levitate off the track.    The magnets on the track repel from one another and the train floats.     My groups design for the train was  a piece of foam and two strip magnets and a ring magnet in the middle. The design for the track  was two strip magnets and three ring magnets in the middle and a strip magnet on top.


       The materials for the maglev train that my group used are strip magnets and ring magnets we also  used tape  a piece of foam and disc magnets.we also followed   the edp plan.(engineering design process.) The design process is where you go through a series of steps that help you create and design something you imagine.

We began by designing the train and then the track. We had some tough times but we did it and my group was happy and I think our group worked really well together.