My Dad Is Like An Older Brother To Me!!

Sometimes people tell me

“My mom is so nice but my dad is kinda mean” Well sure, sometimes dads can be mean but I’m the opposite. I have found that my dad is like a brother to me. He never tells me to go to bed and he plays tricks on me. My dad always helps me with basketball, my dad never yells at me except when I’m annoying, my dad has the best sense of humor and my dad and I like a lot of the same stuff. I like that he acts like that because I’ve always wanted an older brother.                                               


One reason he is like an older brother is because, he reads me Harry Potter to me every night and we both love it. Also he never tells me to go to bed because he wants to keep reading Harry Potter. The only time he does tell me to bed is because I’m being annoying. One time we were reading and my mom came in and said

“You are both in trouble” then she left and my dad said

“Go to bed. Why aren’t you asleep” and I laughed. My dad is very funny.


Another reason why my dad is like a brother to me is because he likes to pick on me and we like the same stuff. He always makes up funny, “jokes”. We both have the same sense of humor so obviously I have to laugh. It’s also fun to play along with his jokes. One time I was being rude (have i  mentioned i am very rude?)  and so my dad said “this looks like a good place to walk home from”

“Oh yes” I said I can actually go to Peachwave.”  and he said

“You could be out there all night” and the I said

“I’d love to” and then I pretended to get out of the car go to Peachwave  and eat frozen yogurt🍧. We all laughed. Some stuff that we have in common are we both like basketball and we both like a podcast called THE ADVENTURES OF FINN CASPIAN! 🤖I recommended it.


The final reason that my dad it’s like an older brother to me is because he helps me practice basketball🏀. He always takes me to the park to a play one-on-one game. He has really helped me be a star.⭐ Were both very competitive so the scor’s always close. Once we were playing and he kept blocking all my shots and kept dunking the ball but I still won.  


I know that every dad has some dad, but some dads have brother.

One thought on “My Dad Is Like An Older Brother To Me!!

  1. Hi Becky,
    It’s Becca.
    I thought your blog post was really good.
    You gave reasons why you like your dad, and why he acts like a brother towards you. I really liked how you gave examples of times that you were funny towards your dad. Great job!

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