Wheel and Axels

What are Wheel and Axels? Wheel and axels can be screwdrivers, doorknobs, etc. The wheel is bigger circle and axel is on the inside. The wheel and axel move synchronously together. A wheel and axel is also a force magnifier. To find radius of axel, measure from center to edge of axel. To measure the radius, go from the center of the axel to the edge of the wheel. A wheel and axel is actually a 360 degree lever.


Did you know that the word “Electron” was first “Elektron”? An Elektron was actually amber. The person who thought of that was William Gilbert.

He called it that because when he rubbed the amber on dry cloth, it attracted small things. That was Static. For homework, we made an electroscope. We inflated a ballon and rubbed it on felt, cloth, or even our hair! To make the electroscope, I cut a cardboard circle to the shape of a glass and cut a line to the middle, straightened out a paper clip except for the hook in the middle, stuck into the line in the cardboard circle, and then I put two tinfoil teardrops onto the hook on the paperclip, and taped the cardboard onto the cup. Remember the ballon? After rubbing it on my hair, I put it up to the paperclip, but didn’t touch it to it. The two tinfoil teardrops spread apart from each other. The static from the ballon transferred through the paperclip to the tinfoil and made them move.

  I hope you enjoyed my blog!  🙂



Tech #2

We just worked on adhesives. Adhesives are things that stick. Like glue. Different adhesives have different specialties. Some dry faster, some stick better. But some glues are dangerous. Like e6000. e6000 can give you cancer. You always have to read the back of the glue for safety. But glues like Elmer’s glue are safe. Glues were not always like this though. The first glue was made from animal body parts. The Egyptians made something similar, but they boiled animal hides and horns. Then, people made glue out of old horses. Finally, Elmer’s was made. But not the Elmer’s that we know. Elmer’s back them was made of milk. That’s why the cow is the logo. Elmer’s is no longer made of milk, but they kept the logo. Then we made more glue brands.lots more. I had a lot of fun learning and writing about the subject. I can’t wait to keep going!


In tech, we have worked on elasticity and ductility. Elasticity means a material is stretchy, like taffy. If a material is ductile then it will stretch, but keep its strength. Some materials are also brittle, which means that it will break or snap instead of stretch. Diamond, wood, or cool glass is brittle. Steel and Hot glass are elastic, and copper and aluminum are ductile. These are just some things. To measure how much a material will stretch, people put a chart next to what they’re stretching and draw lines on the material to measure how much it stretched. I am having a lot of fun with this subject and am excited to keep going.

Capstone Blog Post #3

#3 Okay! Now we’re working on our slides or videos. I’m doing a TedTalk. I chose a TedTalk because I think that the teachers would like if I did my Capstone the way that we were going to do it. As it being my last year in elementary school with Coronavirus, I want to feel as close as possible to school. My genetics/human evolution topic was hard but good. It took SOOOOO much longer than I thought! For example one image in the eye section, I had to change it so many times! In the final video, It was worth it though. The result was worth it, but it was REALLY TIRING doing so much capstone every day! When we were doing takes of the presentation, there were SO MANY! I kept repeating it until I got it right. Overall, the capstone was tiring, but worth it. (I enjoyed my topic.) 


Capstone Blog Post #2

#2 In our capstone, we have started interviewing people for our topics. As you know, I’m doing genetics. I interviewed a man named Tariq. He works at Capricor Therapeutics. He’s actually working on a cure for COVID 19! Anyway, I thought that the interview would be awkward because I didn’t know him in person. But really, he was nice and a good resource, and it wasn’t awkward. I really got a lot out of it and it was a great experience.             

Capstone Blog #1

#1  We are starting our capstones and my topic is genetics. My main inquiry question is : How did the human species genetically evolve over time to make us who we are today? A few things that were helpful to me making my main inquiry question are my teacher and teacher aide who helped me narrow it down, and my parents who helped me go over my question, so thank you! It was also hard to pick my main inquiry question because there’s so many parts in the field of genetics.There’s like, a million things in genetics. It was hard to choose between all of them. This is really fun so far though, and I hope to keep enjoying capstone.

In 1000 Years

Have you ever thought about what will happen in 1000 years? It’s quite an interesting question, actually. Will it be super trashed and polluted, like in the movie “Wall-E”? Will we be at another planet? Or will it be super technology? It’s hard to tell. But to me, in all honesty, I think trashed and polluted. My reason is that 95% of Earth’s people are breathing polluted air. Also, the world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste a day. 79% plastic is in a landfill or escaped into the natural environment, and only 12% has been properly dealt with. Plus, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled on our Earth. If this is 2020, in 1000 years, our world will be all trashed. To stop it, we should recycle our trash.

Feature Articles – Reflection

Hi! Today, I’ll be talking about a feature article project that a partner and I did together. We really enjoyed this, and had fun, but it was hard work. So be prepared. First, we researched about our topic. It took quite a few days. Next, we made basic diagrams on foam boards. With “post – its” saying what would go where. This part didn’t really help later on though… Next, made those diagrams on “drive” (Although we did a different diagram.) and did the labeling. Next, we wrote in those boxes. After, we revised our mistakes. Then, finally we printed the final. Overall, I had lots of fun on this project. Bye!

Launch Reflection

Hi! On 10/4/19, we launched our rockets. My group, The Saturn 4 launched the very last. All of the other rockets were the Expedition Mars, Apollo 20, New Newtons,  the 3 Engineers, and  1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF!  My group’s rocket went one of the highest. We had launch masters and clinometer readers. We also had data recorders. For the process, picked groups, made plans, made sketches did practice, and launched. This was such a fun experience and I’d love to do it again! Thanks for reading!