Launch Reflection

Hi! On 10/4/19, we launched our rockets. My group, The Saturn 4 launched the very last. All of the other rockets were the Expedition Mars, Apollo 20, New Newtons,  the 3 Engineers, and  1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF!  My group’s rocket went one of the highest. We had launch masters and clinometer readers. We also had data recorders. For the process, picked groups, made plans, made sketches did practice, and launched. This was such a fun experience and I’d love to do it again! Thanks for reading!

King George, What was his problem?! Reflection

I am thinking so far about how much more to the revolutionary war than I thought. All the important people that I didn’t know existed. etc… Benedict Arnold! I mean, I didn’t even know that he was a person! I wonder why all those people weren’t as famous as George Washington?! And who else is there to learn about?!


Patriots vs Loyalists

Patriots and Loyalists are almost the opposite of  each other. Patriots are against King George lll  and British soldiers. Loyalists fully support King George lll and British soldiers. But Patriots and Loyalists are both colonists. In conclusion, all the colonists have different opinions about King George lll.