Hello World!!!

`Hi guys! My name is Ryan, My age is 9 and I’m in fourth grade, my school is called Fox meadow. My favorite sports to do is to play soccer and basketball, and chess. I play on a soccer travel team called Millan. ( It’s named after a very strong Italian team back in the 90’s ) My favorite soccer player is called Lionel Messi his position LW ( LW stands for left winger. ) His national team is called Argentina. He plays for the club Barcelona it is located in Spain, ( In the city Barcelona. 😜)  I also like reading a lot my favorite Authors name is Rick Riordan he makes Percy Jackson books and my favorite book is called Trials of Apollo book 3 The burning maze.


My hobbies are chess, soccer and math , and history. I play chess a lot with my Dad and soccer my Dad told me to do this daily assignment to do a lot of chess puzzles and I like playing soccer regularly so I do it. My Dad gives me a lot of math and history homework so I study a lot and after some time I gained lot of knowledge form my studies.


Do you like to play soccer and to do history? Or do you like to play Chess or to play checkers? Or do you like to play video games?I hope to see you in the comments!!


  1. Hi Ryan I really liked your Hello World you did such a good job. Bye


  2. Hi Ryan! I think you did a great job! I like soccer and video games too, you know. I might try chess again at some point(I quit about two years ago). I my only thoughts are to watch your punctuation. Otherwise you did a great job!


  3. Hi Ryan. I really liked your post. Like you and Edward, I like soccer and video games. Bye!(and go Milan!)


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