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In the text “ Colonial America”,  the main idea is about how different kinds of people experienced  a time of change in the Colonial America. The Indians and the colonists are really different in a lot of ways. When the Colonists came to America they brought a lot of ideas such as : war, owning land, and a lot of other things too. The things the colonists did seemed weird to  Natives the way they farmed and lived . When the colonists came they experienced a lot of weird things to them. They didn’t have enough food or the colonists caught bad sicknesses and issues of fighting with the Indians. For the slaves that the colonists used they would do a lot of household things and help with the farm or they could help with a lot of other things too. The slaves probably experienced the hardest things because they work really hard all day so they might die of illnesses and no one to care that much for most slaves. ( Most people lived in small towns , scattered provinces , and farms. 

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