Why Chess can help you.

Chess can help you with many things in your life because when you’re in tough situations it can help you be calm or patient. It can also help by stretching your thinking and help you think better while you’re in school or in college or in daily life. It can also help you relax when you’re having a bad day and just relax and think calmly when you play. Try to do this when you prepare: try to do puzzles, play chess games on Chess.com , and try to read chess games on middlegames, opinings , and endgames they will help you a lot. Also you also want to control your temper if you lose.


My first reason is that Chess can help you be patient and calm in really tough situations . This is because when you play you will play with a clock most of the time ( most likely if you play a lot .) when you play you will pretty much will have to think a lot if you don’t you probably are playing in-competitively or you aren’t being serious in a game. It will help because during games you have to calm and patient if your opponent is taking a long time you have to be patient unless you will be stressed. You also have to be calm if you accidentally make a mistake you can’t really mad and yell or else that’s showing bad sportsmanship and you will get kicked out of the tournament if you yell. It can also help if you’re in school and you get really mad or maybe in almost in any place you have to calm down unless you have a good reason like if you lost a family member. You have to be patient because if you get in a long school lunch line you have to calm down and be patient. This is why I am patient most of the time because I played Chess for a long time in my life. In a game try to be patient , calm , and control your temper if you make a mistake in the game.( I played for 3.75 years of chess in my life. )


My second reason is that Chess can help you think when you’re in tough situations or in school when you do math, social studies , details in subjects, and much more. This is because when you play chess seriously you normally play with a clock and each person has at least 45 minutes in a VERY serious game and if you move fast you probably will lose because in chess there so many different ways your opponent can play and you might miss a tactic or a threat your opponent made and lose. It will help your thinking if you think a lot ,it’s also  technically practicing your ways of thinking in regular life because if you think a lot it’s like practice math a lot there the same thing. It can also help when you’re doing riddles, or when you’re in very tough situations you have to think hard to get out of the tough situation you’re in. It also helps in daily life when you think while you work and probably in other things too. It helps me when I think in my daily life.


My third reason is that you it’s fun and relaxing. This is because maybe when you’re having a bad day you can sit and relax and play a game of chess and lay back on your chair and think about good things in your life and ignore the bad things that happened. You can also drink coffee or something you like and think on chess instead of the bad things that happened. Another example is when I lost one of my toys when I was 5 or 6 I got really mad and later that day I played a chess game and won and I was really happy and ignored the bad things that happened that day. Another example is when my best friend Bowen, had a really bad day skiing and he played a chess game the next day he won a big tournament and he was really happy and he brought back a big trophy when he went skiing with me after he won the tournament and we skied happily with each other for the rest of the week.


I think chess can help with a lot of things in your life and I think it’s fun and relaxing it also can help you think when you’re thinking or other things like being calm I think that Chess is a fun and relaxing sport. You can also earn a lot of money from chess if you become good enough to play a tournament you can play a tournament that if you win you get money. There are also huge tournaments that professionals play in for huge amounts of money. Such as : The Tata Steel Chess tournament, the Paris Grand Tour , World Chess challengers, the World Chess game between the two best chess players, the Tata Steel Chess challengers , and much much much more tournaments you can earn a lot of money from .  This is important because in your life you will have to think sometimes because if you don’t there might be severe consequences that can affect your life. Another reason that Chess is important is that you have to be patient in a lot of situations or else you will probably gonna lose your temper and there also could be severe consequences too. My final reason is that you need to relax because you’re having a bad day so when you think on Chess it’s easier to ignore the bad things that happened when you’re focused on something else so you can lift some weight from your shoulders. What do you think about playing Chess? Do you want to play Chess if you don’t play it currently ? ( My Dad taught me Chess when I was three years old. I’ve been playing in tournaments ever since I was five years old.)

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