If you like Traditional Chinese food this is the restaurant for you!  It has noodles, rice, and even traditional chinese spices made in China. It also as american drinks like: Coke,Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper .  Those are my favorites. They also have non alcoholic- Beer. Which is really GOOD.

I recommend Mandarin chicken and General tso’s chicken as a main course with a side Sprite if you’re a child.  I like crispy food and very spicy foods. My favorite pepper is the Carolina Reaper. If you’re a person who doesn’t like spicy foods then maybe just white rice with vegetables and meat. I also recommend Miso soup if you like spicy soup and I recommend dumpling soup if you like non – spicy soup. The food there is perfect, it has the exact thing you ask for like if you ask for no spicy it won’t be spicy, or when you want it to be a little spicy but not to spicy that’s exactly want you taste.


At O mandarin you can also get Korean food too like Korean B.B.Q. , all of it’s really good. The landscape is awesome too, it has traditional chinese pictures and a bar including seven TV’s with sports and even movies! They also have very clean bathrooms! They have several booths they are pretty much the same as a regular booth. They also have separate tables if you don’t want to sit in a booth. They also have a supermarket a few feet away so you can first eat then shop or first shop then eat!

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  1. Hi Ryan. This was a good review. I can’t find anything wrong with it.


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