The Measles are coming Back! ( Not real name just sounded better)

Title” America’s 2019 Measles Outbreak Explained.

Author: Meera Dolasia

Article date: 5/5/2019


Measles is an infectious disease that mostly starts with a fever, a cough ,or a runny nose. Measles is a very deadly Disease if you don’t take Vaccine for it right after it starts. Most of the time a HEALTHY person would take 2 or 3 weeks to recover but, if you are extremely young or extremely old it would be worse. For Instance if you were just born and you have Measles it would be really bad because your body and immune system hasn’t really developed yet. If you were old it commonly results in Pneumonia which is a really deadly disease that has killed a few Presidents. I recommend you should get a vaccine for Measles. Many presidents including George Washington ( I think) were killed by the disease that’s why when you’re old and you get Measles, you might want to consider take some Vaccines.

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