Summer Short moment !

On my birthday ( July 13) Me, my Mom , and my Dad flew to Florence and Rome. In Florence, we went to several History and Art museums. Since, Michelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci were born in Florence there’s a lot of Art there. It was really fun and we had a lot of good food and Gelato especially the seafood spaghetti it was so superb. There also was a lot of music in the center of Florence there also was a beautiful church too. A lot of people in Italy use motorcycles or bicycles for travel instead of cars. Our hotel was near a riverside and a museum so it was really noisy , but it was really interesting and beautiful. We went to Rome after three days and went to a really big and beautiful five star Resort. Went to places like Coliseum andĀ  Fontana Di Trevi. The Colosseum is known for all the famous battle fought there. The battles were fought between Gladiators and animals. Normally it was animals Vs Gladiators , but sometimes Gladiators fight Gladiators and the Romans loved bloodshed. Fontana Di TreviĀ  is a famous Fountain dating all the way back into the 1200’s. We also went to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The leaning Tower of Pisa is a tower that is leaning. The reason it’s leaning is because in the 1250’s water from the coast near it washed up and damaged the tower so, it was leaning and lately, the government has been doing renovations. There also were a lot of interesting castles and Medieval things too.

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