Kids rights essay 10/2/19 :> Desnutz

I agree that student rights are fair. We have rights like freedom of speech and we don’t have to speak when we don’t want to. The rights for human beings are mainly mentioned in the Bill Of Rights in the first and fourth amendment.                                                                                                                                                                   My opinion on schools to limit our rights is good Although, we have the freedom of speech it’s limited because if you say a bad word or scream Fire! Fire!  It could cause a riot that people get hurt in. Since, sometimes people bring things their not supposed to bring and they might do something bad with it without knowing. Then word get’s out that the person brought something bad , but then the teacher get’s word of it because so many students are talking about it. Then the teacher tells the other teacher, and then on and on. Then everyone knows about it and then the principal doesn’t want the kid to harm anyone , so he looks in the kids’s locker. The Fourth Amendment says that nobody can force someone to show them something unless they a really reasonable reason.( They also have to have some power like a teacher or a police guy.) The teacher is allowed to do this because he has a good reason of being worried that the kid brought something dangerous to school like drugs so he can. I agree that the school should be able to do this because they need to make all the kids feel safe and they also have to be safe.                                                                                    I agree that our elders our superiors ( What ever you call it) should be able to limit our rights because they normally know what’s right for you because they are almost always wiser than you. They also know what to do in tough situations. One case that happened in the court that was similar to this happened in 1960. In 1960 a war called Vietnam war was going on it was about America not wanting Communism. Kids in a college were protesting against this war and wore black wristbands to show it. The college was not profound of this so the college kicked the kids who were protesting out of the college about this  ” Political Nonsense” as they say. The kids parents and them were enraged at this and sued the college and brought this case to court. The case started at the lower courts with less power , but soon the case started getting more and more serious and the case went to the Supreme Court. Since, this was a big complaint about human rights violation the court took it very seriously. Soon, this case was all over the news because a group of kids case was at the Supreme Court! The court ruled the case in the Kids who were protesting favor because even if you were protesting on school grounds about something the school is not happy about they can’t kick you out of the school. Yes these kids were in college, but still they all have the same rights as us.                  I agree that parents, schools, exdra  should limit our rights some times because if you think that you can say whatever you want because of the right of freedom of speech you could get arrested or have a bed reputation for saying bad things. I think that children’s rights are fair currently , but you never know if our rights will change.                                                                                                                                                                                   There are probably a lot of other cases where student rights and adult rights have been violated. There are to many to name, but you should never ever violate someones rights unless you are going to die or something like that. Violating someones rights can even lead to capital punishment and sometimes can land you a place in death row. So, next time you think about violating someones rights think is it so urgent that I absolutely have to? If I don’t have to for my own sake then I shouldn’t do it.


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