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      We were on our way to the Metropolitan Museum , but I was so bored I really didn’t want to go to the museum because I thought it was going to be really boring even though I was really interested in history. I think my Dad knew that he I didn’t want to go because had that face that I didn’t like because it was something to do with learning when I didn’t want to.

       The thing my Dad wanted me to learn most was the Broken Palace because it was artifacts from China and I was Chinese and my Dad said it was a really important to China’s history because they almost lost all of their artifacts and a lot of those things were really expensive and was either stolen or destroyed. Another reason my Dad wanted me to learn about the Broken Palace was because it was really interesting and there were a lot of beautiful artifacts that were really exquisite. He also said this: “ It will also be really important if you want to go back to China because you can also learn a little Chinese because there are voice guides that speak Chinese and you can see if you understand them!” I was almost going to throw up when I heard that he said that he wanted me to listen to the Voice Guides in Chinese and anyways it was America or so I thought. Another thing he mentioned was that he also really wanted to learn about Portraits that famous Artists made for instance, Sunflower or some other painting. Although, I was thinking about the Mona Lisa because it was often talked about when it comes to Art, but I knew that it was in some museum in France.

I told my Dad: “ Please can we not go, Please!” 

I didn’t want to go because I really wanted to go to a Chess tournament instead. When we got to the Metropolitan I said: “ Can we please go home?”

  I begged as hard as I could , but My Dad refused. so I followed him to the Roman history section where I took a look at the Rosetta stone. I found out that it had three languages on it and the Rosetta stone was the only reason why historians and scientists even knew how to speak and read the language they used back then. I think the three languages were Roman, Greek, and something like a combination of two. Then, my Dad started showing me around other ancient Roman Greek artifacts like tombs or duplicates of Pyramids there also was a lot of things about war too. My favorite part  Of the Roman and Greek section was the war part it talked about Alexander the Great and other great leaders. 

I asked my Dad things like: What happened to Rome after it collapsed? Or “ Why does it say that?” or something related to that. There also was a short film about Rome and it talked a lot about Alexander the Great , and about how ruthless Barbarians took over Eastern Rome and Western Rome. The short film had a lot of battles in it also shown a lot of pictures drawn during the war to show how the war went. 


Then we went to the Ancient China section to learn about warlords, ,Emperors ,and other interesting artifacts. I was most interested in the Qing Dynasty because I like the name Qing and because the Qing dynasty lasted so long. There also were a lot of wars between Qing family and a lot of other armies. There were also a lot of things taking about the Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang army too. At first the Kuomintang had a huge advantage , but then the CCP decided to give all farmers a lot of land if they supported their cause and since most of China’s people were peasants or Farmers the CCP grew a lot stronger and they gained the Advantage. After that,me and my Dad went to look at some Chinese artifacts from the Broken palace and it was really interesting , so me and my Dad got some souvenirs that were like artifacts from the Broken Palace and from Rome because I really wanted to go to the gift shop.


After, me and my Dad went to the gift shop we went to the dining place at the Metro which as really good food and also has a huge dining place. For Lunch I had 4 Chicken Tenders with some fries and some barbecue sauce. My Dad had a Chicken Sandwich. I asked him a lot of questions about things that I didn’t understand like: “ How did Alexander the Great die of just a minor fever from a party?” Or “ Why did the British invade the Broken Palace?” He Answered them like this: “ Alexander the Great died of a minor fever because there wasn’t  great medication for the ill back then because they didn’t have great technology.” “ The British invaded Broken palace because the soldiers of Broken Palace tortured their allies and killed them. 


After Lunch, we went to a part of the museum called  “ Medieval Times” Where they talked about what happened during the Medieval times. The thing I was most interested in was the Great Plague. The Plague first started where a couple of rats had a disease that was really deadly and they passed it onto a couple of people who were on a ship that was carrying cotton from the Netherlands to London, England. When the ship arrived in England the whole crew was rotting and disintegrating, so the authorities decided to kick the ship out , but it was already to late. The rats escaped from the ship and started passing the disease. The disease spread very rapidly and millions –of people died and  after around a year of the disease spreading a great fire broke out and killed all the rats so after the fire was put out the disease stopped spreading , but so many people were killed that it took a hundred years for the population to reach the amount of people that it had before the plague. I asked my Dad so many questions that my Dad said: “ I’ll answer them tomorrow.” My Dad only answered one question which was: “ Why did the authorities of London not burn the ship down?” He answered: “ Because they didn’t know that the crew had a fatal plague and that it would spread to a lot of people and kill them.” When we left the Medieval times section I was really happy because I learned so much from the Museum, my Dad, and the audio guides. 


After we went to the Medieval section we went to a section where they display a lot of art like portraits by people like Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. The Art was very interesting mainly because I was interested in historic people and the Art was also very beautiful too. The most interesting picture in my opinion was a portrait made by Michelangelo. ( I forgot the name of the portrait.) 


Next, My dad and me decided to go to a section of the Museum called the Resilience. The Resilience was a time that started in Italy, Florence, where people began to develop more and more with things like tech. It was especially interesting because I was really interested in tech and how phones were made at the time. ( I also went to Florence, Italy this Summer) On one of the exhibits I tripped and I almost knocked over the exhibit by accident! There also was a short film about what happened during the Resilience. The video was full of action and war between several different places, for instance Rome and Florence and it wasn’t just Italy it was most of Europe. After this, I was beginning to feel more and more interested and I felt that going to the Metro wasn’t that boring after all.


When we finished going through the Renaissance period of time we then went to an exhibit talking about World Wars. I wasn’t very interested in World War 1 , but I was a heck of more interested in World War 2. I focused the most on World War 2 because I liked learning about modern weaponry used in war. Although, the war had a lot of casualties and things that were horrible it was still a very big part of history.  The most 

Interesting part was definitely when a short film about Dunkirk. Dunkirk is a huge evacuation that wasn’t very successful. The evacuation was planned by the British to evacuate soldiers across the Atlantic because the Nazis were invading Dunkirk and its surroundings. Another really interesting part of the exhibit was D Day and The battle of Midway and the battle of Leyte Gulf. The battle of Leyte gulf was probably the second most interesting because almost all of the Japanese Navy was wiped out by barely of the American Navy. They also won the Philippines back from the Japanese. In the battle of Midway the Japanese lost 4 of their aircraft carriers which is a HUGE LOSS toward the Japanese army. The Japanese army also lost a huge part of their population because of the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima both of them killed a total of 500,000 people because of radiation and the direct bomb impact. Also Hitler committed suicide because he was about to lose the war.      

After I went to the World War 2 section my Dad decided to go to the Science section which was full of facts about famous scientists. When I first got there I muttered “ What the fridge.” It was so beautiful and it was full of so many people who were also really interested in Science. There was so many pictures of famous Scientists and prototypes of inventions.There was even a Prototype of a huge Mortar that some Scientist I forgot invented. There also was a really cool mini prototype of a Nuke and one of those armed suits that protected you from radiation. There was even a telephone that worked that was a model. There also was a tour guide that talked about everything in detail. Instead of paying for a guide my Dad decided to get electronic guides which didn’t cost money and was still really helpful. I was really interested in Albert Einstein because he was the one who proposed for the Atom chain reaction which is the same thing as a Nuclear bomb. I was also a little interested in molecules and the periodic table of elements. My Dad thought this was the best part  far which I kind of disagree and agree with. My Dad later said : “ This was by far the best part because it’s the most fun and kids are most interested in it, well at least the inventions part.” I also learned the most from this part because I felt like there was so much more momentum and hype studying and learning about Science. The most interesting part of the whole Science exhibit was definitely the part where the exhibit talked about how famous inventors invented weapons like the Tesla Death Ray. 


After all of this, I finally went to dinner because I was tired and my Dad was also tired and it was also getting late. We came to the beautiful dining hall of the Metropolitan and me and my Dad had Dinner. I got some Spaghetti with seafood and cheese. The Dinner was so good that I decided to take the food again , so I had two dinners. My Dad had Spaghetti with Tomato sauce which is the classics and he also thought it was good , but since he’s smarter he didn’t have to dinners. After we had dinner I had a literal mental breakdown and started screaming: “ I need to go!” and I managed to make it to the bathroom and took a big deposit.  The moment I noticed that my stomach was hurting I knew that I was stupid for eating so much food becasue I never ate 2 dinners before in my whole life the moment I got up and went to the bathroom I had really bad stomachache , so I walked slowly , but it still hurt , so I ran to the bathroom.


After the 30 minute bathroom break I finally went home with my Dad. On the way back home I said: “ I agree that going to the Metropolitan is worth it because I’m really happy that I learned so much” Then he said: “ I told you.” When we got home I was really exhausted and when I went to sleep, I thought a lot about why I liked history and why I didn’t want to go to the famous Metropolitan in the first place. 

Next Morning, I woke up and wrote a few things that happened the day before. I wrote about how I learned so much from going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I also wrote about what happened during the day and I also shared this to some of my friends and sold a gift shop item for more than I bought it for later that Month with my friends.


After I learned about World War 2 I knew that I would definitely love going to the Metropolitan Museum. I was really surprised when I noticed that I actually liked going here because when I first thought about it I thought it was going to be $#!*.I was also surprised by how much there was to learn , and how much fun I had. I also knew that my Dad prepared this. The Metro was also very beautiful and large and the things I learned might help me with things like History tests later in my life. The food was also godly. I also didn’t get in trouble for not going. I also learned a lot about Science and Science related things. There even was a Nuclear bomb sotten thingy in the store that was soft and I think it was used for the same purpose of a Teddy Bear. There was even a big fat thing that represented Sumo Wrestlers which was so funny I almost choked while laughing to hard. That day when I went to the Metropolitan Museum was probably one of the funniest days of my life because I learned so much and I learned a very important lesson never think of something bad unless you’ve already seen it or if practically every single person who’ve been there says it’s dangerous or something like that.

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  1. I thought you did really well with your story because despite some spelling errors, you really made it detailed and had a problem. I also like the part with the 30 minute bathroom break. Comment Copyright @2019, Eashan Tennis Organization


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