What I learned at Learnstorm and what I think you can learn if you use Learnstorm.

In the Learnstorm program I earned a lot of things, I think the most important thing I learned is to keep trying no matter pretty much everything unless it’s literally impossible. Normally in my life before Learnstorm I would give up or say negative stuff about myself if I messed up at something like getting a Writing problem and saying I was bad at it in really inappropriate words because I was mad at myself and still do , but less because of Learnstorm. I think that Learnstorm is really helpful because normally when you get something wrong several times you would give up or say you couldn’t do it right? That’s when Learnstorm comes in it can help with those kind of things , and help you to keep on trying and encourages yo to try your hardest. Without Learnstorm, I think that I wouldn’t have a stronger mindset and I wouldn’t be very persistent.

– Ryan.C

Please Comment and give me your feedback and tell me if you think Learnstorm was a good Idea!! Hope you liked it ! Copyright 2019 @ Ryan Studios location Fox Meadow.


  1. I added the Copyright just for fun Lol it was a joke just added a little bit of stand up Comedy.


  2. I like your document. If I was new I would get a feel for LearnStorm. You put a lot of detail and explanation. Nice Copyright!
    Eashan from Eashan Tennis Organization


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