Flora and Ulysses Pre Unit literary Essay Planner.

Flora and Ulysses  By: Ryan.C 


In the book Flora and Ulysses by Kate Dicamillio, Flora began changing throughout the book because of friendship. At first, Flora was really cynical and didn’t really care for anyone and spent almost all her time reading comics, but that slowly changed throughout the book for the better. I think that friendship is the theme and that it can change you for the better. Once, when I was younger my friends helped understand how to add fractions correctly and I learned it. There are so many good and interesting themes throughout the book, but I thought this is the one I most wanted to talk about.

On a sunny day in the middle of the summer, Flora was in her room reading a comic when she heard a loud noise outside her window. She ran downstairs and into her neighbor’s yard seeing a squirrel that was lying on the ground unmoving next to a huge vacuum called Ulysses. Quickly Flora gave CPR on the squirrel and ended up saving the squirrel and named it Ulysses. It wasn’t any ordinary dumb squirrel though, after being sucked into the vacuum it gained superpowers and could even type! After saving the squirrel she started to change she loved the squirrel and cared for it. The friendship she obtained with the squirrel changed her completely. At first, she cared for it fed it and read him comics about Incandesto who is a superhero in a comic and there is a phrase in the comic she says later: “ He is an unassuming squirrel. But he will soon conquer villains of all stripes. He will defend the Defenseless And protect the weak. He will become known to the world as Ulysses!” I think this shows that Flora really does care for Ulysses and that he’s technically her friend. 


Soon, Tootie a friend of Flora’s mom comes and pays a visit and to her and right in the middle of Tootie and Flora’s mom’s conversation Ulysess came flying down the banister! Tootie screamed so loud that her Nephew William comes running from his house to see what was wrong. That’s how Flora and William meet at first, Flora seemed suspicious of William and thought he was annoying and untrustworthy. Throughout the story, Flora begins to trust William and they soon become good friends and this changes both of them greatly. William always tries to help and always helps Flora when she is in need. He even would help Flora find Ulysses and support her at 2:00 AM! I think that’s something, not even a great friend would do which shows how much William helps and change Flora. 


Soon after William leaves Flora’s house to go back to their own Flora’s Dad arrives to see Flora for his weekly visit.  Flora’s parents divorced and her Dad had left to live somewhere else while Flora stayed with her Mom. Flora loved her Dad much more but hadn’t really been thinking about it. Flora’s Mom hated Ulysses and thought it would turn Flora into an Antisocial person for life. So, Phillys ( Flora’s Mom) told Flora’s father everything then she gave instructions on how to kill Ulysses, but Flora’s dad refused. Flora’s dad encouraged Flora about Ulysses and helped Flora change for the better throughout the book. Flora’s Dad also still loved Flora very much and also liked comics very much.

There were also several other characters who had important roles throughout the book, but not as quiet as important as the main characters. Other minor characters are Tootie and Dr. Meescham. Dr. Meescham heals Ulysses’s wound and gives Flora and Ulysses food. She also says things that help Flora throughout the book. For instance, she tells Flora: “ Your father is very capacious of heart,” “ Do you know what that means?” ( Flora shakes her head) “ It means the heart of George Buckman is large. It is capable of containing much joy and much sorrow.”                                                                   “ Oh.” This shows that.Dr. Meescham is very supportive of Flora and tries to encourage her.Tootie helped with a lot of things and especially supported Flora with her words. For instance, she woke up at 2:00 and drove to Dr. Meescham’s, but the car ran out of fuel and she, Flora, and William had to walk on the highway. Tootie did an especially good job of humor she fainted in a humorous way when Ulysses was typing a poem on the computer! I think that minor characters are still very important, just not as important as the main ones. 

In the end, I think that Flora had changed so much for the better because of the power of friendship and possibly a few other things. Her friends encouraged her she learned what it felt to love and care for something,( Ulysses and a few others)  she became less cynical, and she made new friends and became more social too. She, of course, changed in other ways too, but I think those were the most important ones. I think this just shows that the power of friendship can be so motivating and helpful do you agree with me? 

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