Tech sixth grade

In are first day of Technology in school. We learned about The titanic. We also learned about different kind of metals and how they work. We learned that the titanic crash cause it had a metal that wasnt good in cold so when it crashed in an iceburg it sunk right away.

ology: science website

There are lots of different topics. I choose Earth. There is life in earth because it has lots of water. Oceans cover 75 percent of earths surface,it helps control temperature. A lunar eclipse happens when earth gets between the moon and the sun and the moon need to be full.

Learn storm

From learn storm I learned that if you struggle you get better at that thing. So if your trying to do a bike trick and you struggle with it your actually getting better at it because you have over 100 billion neurons in your brain that more than 16 times as many people on earth and when you struggle you get better at it because the neurons lean against each other and that makes you better at it. I also learned that if you get a growth mindset you get mad.

Dust Buddies

Dust buddies

the of the d puts his friends back together and book anpushes them out of the vacuumand tros the maid out the In the movie Dust buddies the main character is brave one  part of the movie that shows he is brave is when he pulls out the plug and claims in to the vacuum in the middle of window and she got sucked in the vacuum.