Capstone #2

        After a great deal of thinking, I decided to switch my topic from swimming to Epic Games, a gaming company who created Fortnite. I chose this because it seemed interesting and easier to research than swimming. I was deciding for a very long time till I decided to switch to Epic Games.


The reasons I chose Epic Games, is because it seemed interesting and wasn’t as hard to think of a main inquiry question but especially since I like and play their games. Mrs. Cooper gave us a sheet with around 10 different questions that had words and blank spaces that we had to fill in relating to our own topic. I reread all the sentences and the top two that I liked the most were, “How has Epic Games affected other gaming companies?” The second one was, “How has Epic Games evolved over time?” Then I decided that I liked the first one better and chose that as my main inquiry question. I started typing my inquiry question then started creating sub questions which are mini questions that are under your main question. The first one that was very easy to think of was “What other gaming companies are rivals with Epic Games and why?”. I liked this question because it was a question which I could search but then add a follow up question to explain why.

The next step was looking for some websites that I could use. It was not so hard to find websites. All I had to do was search “Who are Epic Games rivals?” There were many, many sites but the school has blocked them which made it super hard and I had to waste 20 minutes to find 8 websites that were not blocked. I read some of the paragraphs for some websites. Some were good but many were bad. I copied them and put them on a sheet on the Chromebook. I read some links and switched some for different links. I even put in some that were blocked because I could research them at home. Then I finished the links.

I am happy that I finished and I am excited to do the Capstone research.

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