Capstone #2

        After a great deal of thinking, I decided to switch my topic from swimming to Epic Games, a gaming company who created Fortnite. I chose this because it seemed interesting and easier to research than swimming. I was deciding for a very long time till I decided to switch to Epic Games.


The reasons I chose Epic Games, is because it seemed interesting and wasn’t as hard to think of a main inquiry question but especially since I like and play their games. Mrs. Cooper gave us a sheet with around 10 different questions that had words and blank spaces that we had to fill in relating to our own topic. I reread all the sentences and the top two that I liked the most were, “How has Epic Games affected other gaming companies?” The second one was, “How has Epic Games evolved over time?” Then I decided that I liked the first one better and chose that as my main inquiry question. I started typing my inquiry question then started creating sub questions which are mini questions that are under your main question. The first one that was very easy to think of was “What other gaming companies are rivals with Epic Games and why?”. I liked this question because it was a question which I could search but then add a follow up question to explain why.

The next step was looking for some websites that I could use. It was not so hard to find websites. All I had to do was search “Who are Epic Games rivals?” There were many, many sites but the school has blocked them which made it super hard and I had to waste 20 minutes to find 8 websites that were not blocked. I read some of the paragraphs for some websites. Some were good but many were bad. I copied them and put them on a sheet on the Chromebook. I read some links and switched some for different links. I even put in some that were blocked because I could research them at home. Then I finished the links.

I am happy that I finished and I am excited to do the Capstone research.

Blog post # 1 Capstone

At school we have this project called Capstone which is a project which is when you research on a topic you are interested in.Mine were swimming,fortnite and animals.But since all of them were to broad of a topic I had to think of new ones.We were supposed to find a topic that was not so broad and it was not a topic with lots of opinion.


             When I started I was thinking of doing fortnite but I was thinking it would be a hard so I thought of a topic which wouldn’t be so difficult.I was thinking of swimming.

I am good at swimming I just didn’t know the history of how and why it was created

When I chose my topic we had to make some questions that were related to our topic. You had to group the questions like math art music etc.I made some questions for math.One question was What year was swimming created.I had a few questions for culture which what country created swimming and why.I finished my topic and now we are creating a topic that is less broad from a topic like swimming.

Immigration #4

When I finished my script I had to make a video on the person I interviewed life. I made a chart though with everything I would put into the video like the voice over pictures and text. So then I created my video and started going back and forth looking at what I had to put in. It wasn’t hard creating and putting in the text and images but when I had to do my voice over it was a nightmare.I had no place to were there was no talking or yelling.I had to work with the noise and all the screaming though.


When I had to get my pictures it was super easy because the person I interviewed were able to lend me some pictures of were she lived and her back home with her child. She was able to lend me this little wooden board which had a prayer she and her family would say every night.All I did was inserted them into my video and there my video was there.I put in some quotes she said during the interview. Then after I was done with the video all that was left was the voice over. I printed out my script and read to the mike.It wasn’t the hard part recording its just when I listened to it was trash with lots noise. But It was the last day and I wanted to finish so I didn’t mind. I did try a few times on the super trashy slides with the horrible voice over and got them to be a little better.Which I was pretty glad about.


But I was able to finish on time and that’s all I worried about that day. And when we listened to in front of the whole class it was great.It was the best out of all in my opinion!!! 

Immigration #3

After our interview we had to make a script in our own words instead of copying what the person said when you interviewed them.We got a graphic organizer which helped us type out our slide number,images,text and narration.But first I started mine on a more simple graphic organizer.It only had two columns which were the elements columns and narrative columns. For the element column we had to write our question and for the narrative column we had to write what we had to say.


When I started typing my script it wasn’t that hard because all I had to do was take what she said, and make it into my own words.But what was difficult was when I had to try to understand what she said because she was not a fluent American so it was hard on some questions to think of what to say because she left out some words. I did try to complete and finish her sentence, so I had to listen to the recording over and over again. But, I was finally able to get them done. I had to listen to it with headphones at home to get what she was trying to say then I would go to different questions that came out with very similar answers. Then, I was able to finish the other questions.


After I finished the script I put onto the four column chart.Which then I had to think of the text and images I would have to put in my video. But it wasn’t as hard as typing it onto the four column chart. But I did finish.

Immigration #2

On the day I interviewed Anna, I was excited but also nervous. Since English is not Anna’s first language, it was hard for me to understand everything she was saying. I video taped the interview on my iPhone so that I could listen to it more carefully after the interview. When I started the interview she could answer the first two questions,with a lot of details. Since I wrote the questions before the interview, some of the answers to many questions were kind of similar, such as what she missed in Nicaragua.

But I did lose a few questions by taking them out because some questions made her upset and sad and almost made her eyes watery. So I took out two of the questions because I knew they would upset her even more that were supposed to give me more details.At the end of the interview, she was happy,because I was able to ask a happy question which was what are your favorite parts about America and she answered some in funny ways. I was able to get a lot of detail though on the question I had to ask her on what was her favorite part about America,because she converted her cordobas into dollars which helped me understand how much less cordobas is from American dollars. I think the question that gave me the most information in the whole interview was when I asked her why she moved to America.It told me a huge part of her I didn’t even realize.

Over all the interview went very successfully and on some questions I got information that I could have used.

Blog post 1

When I was assigned this immigration project I was nervous because I thought there would be nobody to interview. I went home and did the questions first although I did not know anybody to interview. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to create questions. I made 15 questions in total. But I realize I had to make them so that they were not like yes or no questions so I deleted all 15 and created 13 open ended questions,Which are questions that the person you interview can say something about it.

I interviewed Anna, who is the person who cleans my house.  But during the time when I had to find someone I was thinking of interviewing my friend. Then I asked my mom for some options of people to interview and she Anna my cleaner.I thought of questions to ask her like questions that I thought were important to learn about her life. In my planning, I first thought she would be a regular person who just took a plane to America for no reason. But when I thought of some questions I made them so that she could answer them in anyway. When I started making the questions I thought of questions that didn’t take so long so that I would have more time for other questions too. I did not know when to interview her so when she came to my house I  would ask her some of my questions.

I am going to interview her on Tuesday. And I am  happy about that.


Rube Goldberg 6

I think Rube Goldberg was a good experience because you got to learn how to make a machine to complete a simple task.I enjoyed video taping and building my Rube Goldberg machine.I did have a very hard time filming my videos and fixing my dominoes I thought it was very fun.I had 84 tries in the end and found my best video. It didn’t go as far as I thought it would go though.


Then I added a box so that the box would fall in instead of falling onto everything.Then it got to the popsicle sticks but wouldn’t fall.But I liked the project.


Rube Goldberg post 5

I think that In my process of video taping It was very hard, because my video was not working.I tried multiple ways and switched some places that I already built. I had over 20 tries but only got halfway through. Then got the best video out of all. I was very happy because In that video It got the farthest and only had two more steps to complete.


Then when I put the video together I added music and a title. I added a voice over so it would here me while I was speaking.Then I kept trying but The best I was 6 steps.Then I used less dominoes so that it would be easier to fix. I tried 84 times but never worked.


Rube Goldberg Post 4

After I finished building my Rube Goldberg design, I tested it. At the end, my project had twelve steps, eight varied, and I built one step at a time. When I tested it, it would not work to the end because of the catapult part. I started fixing my parts that weren’t attached and had to add steps to my original nine steps. After that I added some dominoes so that it would hit the yo-yo instead of using a marble without the dominoes which barely moved the yo-yo.

On the next step I used the yo-yo to fall onto a tennis ball which rolled into another set of dominoes. The tennis ball kept going, then hit a car, which hit some more dominoes. Then it hit a marble which went into the brown tube that rolled down, and the marble came out and hit some more dominoes. This marble hit another set of dominoes with popsicle sticks on them which would go all the way to one, single domino that was attached to a popsicle stick.This popsicle stick had a rope attached to it, and it would fall back with the domino pulling a group of popsicle sticks taped together. When these popsicle sticks fall down, it allows a ball to go into a box – which is the goal of my project.


Rube Goldberg Post 3

I think I worked pretty well by myself the reason is I was able to do a lot of my work done.It took me a couple days to think of a plan and sketch it out, then I did two blog posts on one night then I did the third one on the weekend. But when I was sketching I kind of thought that some of the parts in my design might not work so I started building to see if it was possible to do.After I was I had 10 steps and I was thinking about switching my ending to something else but I am still thinking of what to add or loose. My Rube Goldberg machine is working though. But one problem is my catapult would not always work and sometimes goes flying into the wall.But without the building I think I did well.