Capstone Sub Questions

My topic is on bombs, but after going through many iterations I finally chose nuclear bombs.  Here are some of my sub questions.

1.How can Nuclear bombs change the future of our lives?

2. How do nuclear differ from non nuclear bombs?

3. What  effects do nuclear bombs have afterwards?

4.  How do bombs affect war?

5. What is the difference between nuclear bombs to non nuclear bombs?

6.How can nuclear bombs affect later science and tech?

7. How do nuclear bombs affect war?


Hope you enjoyed!!!


We finished!!!

We just finished our stop motion. We had lots of success and some fails. So for our successes, we finished and did very well for a inexperienced movie filmer. We had many good ideas and we incorporated them in our stop motion movie. Jonah had the crumpling up thought bubble idea and I had the immigrants spin when it was punched. Nate also had the punching idea. We added some good music, but one was not so good. We also had like no arguments because of the democratic vote.


But of course, they’re also fails like our music was not suitable and for the blank parts we needed words and titles.


That was fun and I hope I get to film more.


Here is my video


Capstone Choosing Main Inquiry Question

My main Inquiry question is, how does a bomb work? And how do they affect humanity? I know that it uses nuclear fusion. I still don’t know many parts of a bomb. A bomb is this machine that explodes. There are also many types such as the atomic bomb, nuclear bomb, M.O.A.B, and the hydrogen bomb. Bombs deliver a massive amount of energy that damages anything in it’s radius. One of the most famous bombs is the atomic bomb. It splits atoms using fission just like nuclear power plants. It was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII and ended the war. It scared the Japanese so they surrendered to the U.S. On April 13 2017 , the moab, or Mother of all bombs/Massive Ordinance Air Blast was dropped on a ISIL-Khorasan cave complex in Achin District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. It is the biggest non-nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, the hydrogen bomb/thermonuclear bomb invented by the Russians takes the lead. It uses fusion or atomic nuclei coming together.

I think i am really interested in bombs and I hope I will make a good Capstone!

Capstone Start and Choosing Topic

My class just started capstone. My stomach boiled with excitement while  I thought about what we would do. I decided that I would do the mechanism of bombs. Bombs use heat and nuclear fusion to make it explode.  My favorite bomb is the atomic bomb. It was invented during WWII and it was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I am planning to write about this until Mrs. Boyer told us to stretch it out so I am still deciding on what want to do!

Hope I see you next time!


Stop Motion Epic Fail

Today after filming a little bit the stop motion started to be a little funky. The picture kept on skipping from one picture to another and they were completely different pictures. We went to Mr . Casal and he gave us some tips, but they didn’t work either. It was really annoying, but we couldn’t find a solution so we didn’t get anything done. 🙁

See you next time!  😛 😀

Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor was a major event in World War II. The people who wanted to take over the world were Germany, Japan, and Italy. It happened in Hawaii on December 2, 1941.  The code name for the attack was tora, tora, tora which means tiger. It was planned by Yamamoto, a Japanese general. When a training radar spotted some airplanes heading toward them nobody listened and thought it was American planes. Fifty-two minutes later the Japanese pounded the U.S fleet. They attacked with 350 planes and a handful of submarines. The attack crippled the US. The Japanese attacked with deadly force. In the first wave, the Japanese attacked with 183 planes that dropped bombs and fired bullets at defenseless sailors. Then the Japanese attacked with a second wave.

After the attack, 21 of the 91 ships were sunk. Others were severely damaged. 188 planes were destroyed. 159 were damaged in the attack. 2,409 died during the attack. Eight battleships were sunk. The USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS Nevada, and the USS West Virginia.

People will never forget this famous attack that shocked America.   

Immigration Stop Motion Animation

So, what is stop motion anyways? Well, stop motion is a way of making a movie. It includes a hard and long process that makes you very impatient. But after you finish it, it gives you a feeling of joy and accomplishment. I am in a group with Nate, Jonah, and of course me! We started out great, with the blue background and the ship sailing across. But preparing was something i had never thought was so challenging. It included much collaboration from the team and lots of thinking. In the end, we figured it out. Everything else worked smoothly, we didn’t have many arguments but some disagreements. We usually had a vote and the winner side would get what they wanted. Many times I get so excited that I want to keep on filming. I hope we can keep up the work ethic and cross our way to the finish line!



One day you wake up with a stomach ache and you have to use the bathroom. When somebody offers you breakfast, somehow you are not hungry!  The next day, you get a severe fever and headache and your eyes are red and swollen. Then about 3 days later, you start developing muscle and joint aches and weakness. Next, you get mouth ulcers and rashes. Oh no what could this be?  You have SYMPTOMS OF EBOLA!  

What is Ebola?Ebola is a disease that attacks your immune system (like most Influenza viruses) and is found most commonly in Guinea, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and  South Africa. Guess what Ebola is really weird is it doesn’t travel air. Also it kills 90% of it victims. The immune system can not beat Ebola. Ebola is in the top 10 diseases.

Snow Day!!!

Yesterday was a snow day. “Ahhhh”, I yawned as I climbed out of my bed with a thump. The light filtered through the window. I slowly opened my eyes and right before me, was a mountain of snow on the ground. No school I thought as I quickly got dressed. Then I engaged myself into my Elon Musk book. After a while I started watching some T.V. It was the Se Diao Ying Xiong Chuan movie. It was about two boys who had lots of powers and it is basically about fighting between bad people and good people. The rest of the snow day was pretty boring. I did homework and I did some debating(I had a debate contest.)

Noon was the best. I just was starting to start homework when my friend Rick came over. I happily let him in because I didn’t want to do homework. We played a bunch of video games together and then he had dinner with me.

It probably would have been better if I could go outside. I am going outside next time.

Design Challenge : Total Catastrophe

You know how when you mess up on science projects, the whole thing blows up.

This person ( no idea what his name was ) came in. I had no idea what he was doing so I just ignored him. It turned out to be cool. We analyzed the options. We split up into groups and set off to work.

Total disaster, my friend, Janghee, came up with this idea for self defense. We were designing this chair to help kids get around easier. The kids had a miniature rocket launcher. Bora wanted to take it out because he thought the kids would shoot the teacher so we made the teachers chair even better. After a while we designed the class room. Bora came up with this idea to make the floors out of candy, wrapped ones. The walls had security cameras and tasers on it. The teacher would be able to see the student’s activity even if she was not at the site. If one student was not participating then the teacher would tase the students if they were not participating, more like tasing their chairs.

After designing, my friends and I started building. We first built the base and then more. When we finished, the whole thing was sagging in and the chair was too colorful. My friends and I stole all the play dough.

Even though we sort of failed the project was still fun! 🙂