Free Write #1

During my winter break I went to Florida. At my hotel there was a slide. The first time I went on it I thought it was slow. The second time I went on it I noticed that I was wrong. This is what happened, it was my turn and I went on the slide and I pushed my self and I started going really fast. There was a turn on the slide that made me almost fall off I slid right to the side so I could of fall off. When is was the end of the slide there is a pool and at the end I flew out in to the pool. My mom said she pushed off and at the same turn she got air. She could of flew out of the slide at the turn.

The first time I went on the slide I lied down and crossed my arms. That’s what you do to go fast (which it worked on another slide for me). It did not make me go fast and it did not make me go fast it actually made me keep on stopping. When I came out I just slid out of the slide. Like if I was sitting and fell. It as also like that for my sister and dad. They kept on stopping to.