Desert Ecosystem

This is my food web:

Deserts are really dry and it hardly ever rains. That means that there is not a lot of water in deserts. The animals and plants need to get used to the desert. Cauti and camels store water so they have enough water to survive.

Consumers in deserts are scorpions, spiders, lizards, foxes, snakes and greater roadrunners. Like a greater roadrunner eats small birds, small rodents, reptiles and insects. Also like a kangaroo rat eats grass. Consumers consume food so they find food to eat a they do not make there own food. Some consumers make their own food but do not eat the food they make.

Producers in deserts are palm trees, cacti and grass. Producers produce their own food so they make there own food. Like a cactus get its food from the sun. So does a palm tree and grass. The food they make gives them energy so when an animal eats the plant they get some energy. They make food through the sun called photosynthesis.

In a desert there is not a lot of decomposers but there still are some. One decomposer is fungi another is bacteria. A decomposers break down dead animal and plant matter recycles nutrients back into the ecosystem.

There is human impact in many ecosystems. The human impact in deserts is humans are traveling through deserts and living in them. Also human try to make deserts bigger and building on them. People are also cutting down trees in deserts. Doing that stuff is bad for the ecosystem it can hurt animals by building on deserts and cutting down trees is cutting down some animals homes. That is why human impact is really bad for deserts.

There is a way to help human impact though like save water and not used bottled water as much and juice boxes. Doing that can help a little for protecting an ecosystem. Also you should try not to cut down lots of trees and not build on animals homes. Reusing things helps to protect an ecosystem. That also can protect an ecosystem.

The biggest desert in the world is the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert goes through Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Senegal, Libya, Egypt and Sudan. The Sahara Desert is really big. Antarctica is also really big to almost the biggest desert in the world. Antarctica is bigger than United States and Mexico combined.

A desert ecosystem is really interesting. There is so many things about a desert. There is so many information about a desert ecosystem.

2 thoughts on “Desert Ecosystem

  1. I thought your writing was great. You really convinced me to help deserts. Your writing really helped me learn about deserts and I want to read more! You did great on your writing and I love your food web.

  2. Rebekah – I like how you list different consumers and producers that live in the desert. You did a good job explaining what producers and consumers are. The desert is a very interesting ecosystem! I agree that people are having a bad effect on many different ecosystems. I did the rain forest and there were multiple bad human impacts that I learned about! Overall, I think you did a good job on deserts!

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