Rocket Launch #1

On Monday, 23 October our class launched rockets. My group name was the Blasting Rockets we got the lowest launch at the average of 20 m. The class average was 41.5m our rocket was 21.5m lower than the class average. My job in the group was to place the rocket onto the launch pad and I helped with the bicycle pump, which pumped air into the rocket. We had to be careful not to pump in to much air. If we pumped to much air the rocket could explode while it is in the air. We used water to replace fuel to make the rocket launch.

When the rocket launched it spun and flipped around in the air. I wonder why it flipped and spun around? I thought it could’ve been that we had two fins at the bottom and three at the top so the rocket was unbalanced. I was disappointed that are rocket was the lowest. At that moment I wondered what we did differently to the other groups that would of made our rocket go higher. Everybody in my group including me thought that it was because our rocket was too light some wind could have did that or the pressure. Even though our rocket was the lowest it was a lot of fun to launch our rocket and see everybody else launch their rocket.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Launch #1

  1. I like how positive you were about having the lowest rocket launch and seeing the other groups launch. I also like how you included questions. 🙂

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