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I am reading the book Deenie. Deenie is about a girl named Deenie who is really pretty so her mom wants her to be model. One day her teacher hands her a note from her gym teacher that after school to go to the gym to see her after school. So after school Deenie went to the gym and her gym teacher Mrs. Rappoport told her she was concerned about her posture so she told her to bend over then Deenie left. Her teacher calls home and talks with her parents over the phone. After that she went to many doctors and found out she had scoliosis. She has to where a brace for four years. Deenie rather have a operation. When Deenie see’s the brace she never wants to wear it she is so upset to wear it. She’s not the only one upset about wearing the brace her mother thinks t will ruins her plans for Deenie.

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