I have been working hard I want my group and I’s rocket to be perfect. I have been trying to make sure everything is good. There have been sometimes where I have not focused as well as other times. I am thinking of good ideas that maybe my group can use for are rocket.

What I am proud of? I am proud of the work my group and I have done to make are rocket checklists, drawings of the rocket, planning fins, planning nosecone and how we are going to make everything. Also I am proud of how well everything is going how our planning is working out everything is turning out right. Planning are rocket is hard though I have to make sure everything is right and will work properly so are rocket launch and will not be a fail.

What I am surprised by? I am surprised by how well are rocket is turning out how most times our group agrees and how we all have good thinking. I am surprised  how all the information I have is helpful. All our planning is turning out. I am surprised how my group and my rocket is turning out right.

What made me frustrated? I got frustrated how sometimes somethings did not turn out right and was not as planned. That sometimes I was not as focused as other times. Also sometimes my group and I had a problem where something has not worked out. Also if I had a problem and something did not work out.

What am I looking forward to? I am looking forward to when we get to launch are rocket. Also when my rocket is finished I am looking forward to see it finished. I am looking forward to when my rocket gets launched how high it will go and if it will be a success. Also I am looking forward of what I will be doing for are rocket launch and what job I will have. 

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