Rube Goldberg 6

Are Rube Goldberg project still has not worked. We are not exactly sure what is wrong I thin it is because there is not enough force to make the train move or the ball, but I am not exactly sure what the problem is.There might be another reason why it is not working, but I think it because there is not enough force. We need to make some changes to the project because it is not working. We have tried several times and it has not work so are project needs something to change so it can go farther then it has been going. Like I said before there is a problem it might not be what I think it is it might be something different, but we we need figure out the problem first before we make any changes. Other then that once we make a change I think that project will go much farther and maybe go to the end and complete are goal. I am excited to see what happens next.

Rube Goldberg 5

For my Rube Goldberg Project we decided to change are goal back to stamp on paper. We finished building it, but we have been having some problems. The problem is for our second step the ball that goes the tube might not fully go down or when the ball hits another ball that hits a train when the ball hits that another ball it does not give the ball enough power to make the train move. We have been experiencing both problems. We experience one or the other. We are trying to figure out a way to fix the problem. We are not sure yet how we will exactly fix it,but we are thinking. I am sure that are Rube Goldberg project will go farther then the last time and that soon it will finish all the way through.

Rube Goldberg 4

In class we are working on a Rube Goldberg project. My group is Lexi Mia and I. Right now we have 8 or 9 steps. We need more steps to make are goal happen which we changed. It is now hot cocoa powder into a cup. We might change it again because we think it might not work. What we have so far is bits of pool noodle cut if half that a small ball goes down, the small ball goes down a skinny tube, that goes to a wrapping paper tube where it hits a marble, the marble hits a ball that goes down a car racer, while going down the car racer the ball hits a train the goes down train tracks, while the ball keeps on going down the car racer when it comes to an end it goes through a tunnel and hits dominoes, while the train comes to a stop and hits jenga blocks, the last jenga block hits a domino that goes under a bridge, and then hits these small skinny wooden blocks. That is all we have so far for are Rube Goldberg project. I think that the hot coco powder in a cup wont work and we will ave to change it. I hope that the hot coco works.

Rube Goldberg 3

In class we are doing a Rube Goldberg project which you have probably seen in my last two posts. It is coming along very nice. My group and  have been working hard on this project. We keep on thinking of good things for this project. We have six steps so far and we need ten, but I know it wont be hard for us to get there. As I said in another post are goal is stamp on paper. We have to think of the right step to make this happen. We don’t expect to make that happen on are first try. We do expect that we will get there. The only problem is we need to find the right object to make the stamp stamp down.I am very proud of are progress so far.

Rube Goldberg 2

In class we are doing a Rube Goldberg project which you have probably have seen in my previous post. Which means you probably know that are goal is stamp on paper. We have been building are project we need to sketch out the blue prints. For everybody in my group (Lexi and Mia) it is easier to first build it which at first we had trouble, but after we found something for a start which is a car racer. We wanted to put something before that so we put a  empty wrapping paper tube there. These are the steps we have so far- a marble at the top of the tube and we push it, it hits another ball that goes down the car racer, while it is going down the car racer it hits a train that goes down a train tracks that comes to a stop, that hits a domino that hits the rest of the dominos, then it goes to a lego board and we have not built farther than that, meanwhile when the ball keeps on going down the car racer it goes through a tunnel then hits dominos. It does not do anything after that so far. That is all we have for are Rube Goldberg project so far.

Rube Goldberg 1

In class we are working on Rube Goldberg. We got to pick are own partners because are teacher thought since we have to work on it at someones house that we should pick. I choose my two friends Lexi and Mia. First we had to figure out what days we were all free on which was Fridays and Saturdays. Then we had to figure out who’s house we were going to do the project at. We all decided on Mia’s house. After we diced what days we were all free which was Fridays and Saturdays. Then when we met up we decided what are goal would be which was Pasta and a bowl with cheese and sauce pour on to it. While we were building we all realized that our original goal was to hard so we needed to change it. We all agreed on stamp on paper as our goal. We need 8 steps to complete the project. My group and I are excited to see how it turns out. Also a little nervous

This is a video of a Rube Goldberg machine it does not have to be as complicated.