A Long Walk To Water

A Long Walk to Water is a book by Linda Sue Park. It is about two people who live in Southern Sudan separately. There are two stories. The stories switch off every other chapter. One is a true story about a boy named Salva and one is based off a true story about a girl named Nya. The book mostly does Salva’s part. This book can be sad sometimes, especially on the chapters about Salva. Salva’s village had gotten attacked while he was at school. His class ran into a bush and all the people split up into villages. He was around 11 years old when that happened. Nya’s story is she lives with her family. Everybody has jobs and her job was to get water. Everyday all she did was walk back and forth to a pond everyday. Once she gets to water she sticks her hand in mud and tries to find water in the mud. She did this everyday. This book made me feel thankful for what I have.

This book has leadership in it especially on Salva’s part. He found his uncle. His uncle was a leader to their group for a while. Effective qualities for leadership is kindness, confidence, bravery, intelligence, skills, strength, courage, focus, cooperation and communication. Those are all effective leadership qualities. During a time when a war is happening, like in the book, it is important that Salva’s uncle had all these traits.

Salva demonstrates these qualities throughout the book. For example strength Salva did not just give up when he was tired he had the strength to keep going. Another one cooperation he cooperated because he did not want the group to abandon him like his first group. Also confidence Salva did not just stand by when know one would give him food, he had the confidence to get food from the adults. Finally bravery he was brave when he lost his uncle and his friend. Not as much as his friend, but still he was brave. Also he continued doing what his uncle did by taking everything step by step. 

Salvia’s philosophy by taking everything bit by bit can help me in my life. Like, if there is something that is hard for me that I am doing I can just take it bit by bit until it is complete. It can not only help me in cases like that, but if I don’t know how long something is I can get through it bit by bit. Also if I do know how long I am going to be there.

Perseverance is important which is something Salva has. Perseverance is important because when someone has perseverance and having a problem they wont give up they will keep trying. Because they have perseverance. If someone does not have perseverance they would probably give up and not be determined to keep trying. It is important to keep trying and not give up. If someone does not have perseverance they can get it.

Anyone can develop the ability to persevere. You need to persuade yourself or the person to have perseverance. You don’t always have to, but if someone does not have the perseverance for what they are doing then persuading yourself or the person is most likely the best thing to do.

This book is important and has a lot of lessons in this story.  Nya needs to dig and dig in the mud to get water. Which is not that clean. Water just comes to my sink and gets filtered. Also it took Salva a year and a half to get to Kenya from Ethiopia. It would take me probably around 12 hour because of planes. This book causes me feel thankful for what I have.

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