Technology post #1

Yesterday in Tech we did a hands on project. What we did is we had wood and we had to get different nails in the wood with screw drivers. They were just regular screw drivers. It was hard to get some of the screws in, but I got all of them in. To help me I put the wood in a vise. The vise kept it still so it made it easier to screw it in since the wood didn’t move anymore. The nails were in all different sizes. Some were really long and sharp, some were really short and sharp, some were medium size, and some were very wide and not pointy at all and one was a hook that I had to screw it in with my hands and many more. There was also different screw drivers some different types of nails. Overall, this project was very fun and I’m excited to do more!

Here is a picture of the nails and screw drivers:

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