Rube Goldberg 2

In class we are doing a Rube Goldberg project which you have probably have seen in my previous post. Which means you probably know that are goal is stamp on paper. We have been building are project we need to sketch out the blue prints. For everybody in my group (Lexi and Mia) it is easier to first build it which at first we had trouble, but after we found something for a start which is a car racer. We wanted to put something before that so we put a  empty wrapping paper tube there. These are the steps we have so far- a marble at the top of the tube and we push it, it hits another ball that goes down the car racer, while it is going down the car racer it hits a train that goes down a train tracks that comes to a stop, that hits a domino that hits the rest of the dominos, then it goes to a lego board and we have not built farther than that, meanwhile when the ball keeps on going down the car racer it goes through a tunnel then hits dominos. It does not do anything after that so far. That is all we have for are Rube Goldberg project so far.

Rube Goldberg 1

In class we are working on Rube Goldberg. We got to pick are own partners because are teacher thought since we have to work on it at someones house that we should pick. I choose my two friends Lexi and Mia. First we had to figure out what days we were all free on which was Fridays and Saturdays. Then we had to figure out who’s house we were going to do the project at. We all decided on Mia’s house. After we diced what days we were all free which was Fridays and Saturdays. Then when we met up we decided what are goal would be which was Pasta and a bowl with cheese and sauce pour on to it. While we were building we all realized that our original goal was to hard so we needed to change it. We all agreed on stamp on paper as our goal. We need 8 steps to complete the project. My group and I are excited to see how it turns out. Also a little nervous

This is a video of a Rube Goldberg machine it does not have to be as complicated.


I have been working hard I want my group and I’s rocket to be perfect. I have been trying to make sure everything is good. There have been sometimes where I have not focused as well as other times. I am thinking of good ideas that maybe my group can use for are rocket.

What I am proud of? I am proud of the work my group and I have done to make are rocket checklists, drawings of the rocket, planning fins, planning nosecone and how we are going to make everything. Also I am proud of how well everything is going how our planning is working out everything is turning out right. Planning are rocket is hard though I have to make sure everything is right and will work properly so are rocket launch and will not be a fail.

What I am surprised by? I am surprised by how well are rocket is turning out how most times our group agrees and how we all have good thinking. I am surprised  how all the information I have is helpful. All our planning is turning out. I am surprised how my group and my rocket is turning out right.

What made me frustrated? I got frustrated how sometimes somethings did not turn out right and was not as planned. That sometimes I was not as focused as other times. Also sometimes my group and I had a problem where something has not worked out. Also if I had a problem and something did not work out.

What am I looking forward to? I am looking forward to when we get to launch are rocket. Also when my rocket is finished I am looking forward to see it finished. I am looking forward to when my rocket gets launched how high it will go and if it will be a success. Also I am looking forward of what I will be doing for are rocket launch and what job I will have. 

The Holidays!!!

I love this time of year it is the holidays Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa I celebrate Hanukkah and kind of Christmas. You might think how I don’t exactly celebrate Christmas it is for a member in my family who does. Anyways I am going to Florida because a lot of people in my family live there and and my grandparents on my moms side stay there half the year. ( My cousins will also be there moms and dads side). The ones on my dads side I don’t see a lot. Anyways Hanukkah is over you get a gift each night there are 8 nights. It is fun because a lot of my family go there every year so I get a while to hang out with them. This is how my break will go. Hope you have a good holiday safe travels. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Chicken Sunday and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother essay

People may not be as they seem, you may think something about them but then you see the other side of them. In the books Chicken Sunday and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco, there is someone in the books that Trisha thinks one way about them, but then see’s them in a different way. Trisha’s older brother Richie and Mr.Kodinsky.

In Chicken Sunday Mr.Kodinski did not seem the kindest man at first, but when she got to know him he seemed like a sweet man. For example Mr.Kodinski seemed grumpy and mean, but then the kids talked to him and he wasn’t mean at all he was kind. In My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother Richie was not kind all the time when they were alone together. For example Richie always challenged Trishia and teased her. Like Richie challenged Trisha “Bet I can pick more blackberries then you.” He also teased Trisha by saying “I’m four years older than you, too, little twerp… Always have been always will be!”. This is how was not nice to Trisha.

In Chicken Sunday the kids seemed mean for “egging” Mr.Kodinski shop but Mr.Kodinski realized they didn’t do it when the kids gave him beautiful eggs from his hometown that they made. For example Trisha was upset because they did not egg his shop, but Mr.Kodinski thought that she did. To show him that she did not egg his shop they made eggs from his hometown and decorated them and made them beautiful for him. In My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother Trisha was disrespectful to her older brother because he was  disrespectful. Which means that he really does care about Trisha. For example since Richie always challenged Trisha, Trisha challenged him back that she thought he could not handle.One time Trisha challenged him “Bet I can eat more of raw rhubarb then you can without getting the puckers!” Trisha wasn’t so nice to like she said to Richie a lot “I can’t stand you, Richard Barber… I double dog can’t stand you!”

People may not be as they seem, you may think something about them but then you see the other side of them. In Chicken Sunday Mr.Kodinski showed great kindness by giving the kids what they wanted which was a hat for their grandmother. For example she loved it and she really wanted it and Mr.Kodinsky knew and gave it to them. In My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother Richie was very kind. Trisha fell of a merry-go round and she passed out and her brother carried her home and got the doctor. This shows that people may not be as they seem, you may think something about them but then you see the other side of them. Trisha’s grandmother said “I don’t know what we would have done. Your brother carried you all the way home, and then he had to run to get Dr .Lee.” This shows that Richie actually cares about Trisha. This is great kindness.

People may not be as they seem, you may think something about them but then you see the other side of them. You might think someone is mean or scary, but then you talk to them and they are really nice. You might think they are someone they are not. You just have to get to know the person. You can’t just think something about someone because you saw them in one way.

Stop Motion

In class we have started a stop motion unit. We were allowed to make our own groups, which I was happy about. We tried two ways to make our own teams, but that did not work. Finally, we made fair teams and I was happy about who was on my team. I thought it was a good team. We had a team of three. The people on my team were Lexi and Mia. I thought we can make a really good film.

After that we picked out our legos we got stormtrooper, chewbacca, a motorcycle dude, a mohawk guy, and a girl. Once we had are legos we needed to think of what we were going to do. We made a video, but it was not good. Lucky for us we had another time to make a new video, which I think was really good. I did not make the whole thing. I had help by Lexi and Mia because they were in my group. I have to be honest and say it was not me who thought of the idea. It had some funny parts, interesting parts, some really cool parts, and some really good parts. I was proud of our film especially because it was hard. Like, one thing that happened was that the camera moved, and we could not find the exact spot but we still got close. I was really happy with our film and I was new to stop motion, but I did have two people who helped me.

This is my Stop Motion Video (Not the whole video)

My Writing Journey Thus Far

My writing journey this year so far has taught me many new ways of writing. It has been a good experience. I think that my writing has been improved this year. One thing I have done is narrative writing that is a kind of writing that I have done a lot this I think that narrative writing is definitely one of the topics I have become stronger in this year. Another is literary essay which is something that when I was learning about I thought I would not be able to write one good. Literary essays I feel aren’t my strongest subject but not my least strongest. I do like writing it has been fun. One thing I am pretty sure of is that I have become a stronger writer. I am proud of my work that I have done this year so far.

Constitution Project

In class we are doing a constitution project. First we rolled a die to see what subject you got. The options were technology, people, famous documents, art, and  important events. I got technology during the constitution the subject for technology I wanted to do was printing press. Then we had to get what we would do to present so we rolled another die it I got explain everything. Explain everything is like a slide show on google but you can write on it with a marker on the app and you can explain it by recording slides. Also explain everything can only be on the iPad.

For explain everything I had to research and I found pictures of printing press so I was able to see what it looked like. I also found a video that taught me how to use a printing press. I also read books about the printing press. After my research I was able to start explain everything. I had to get the hang of it at first because the app was new to my. I learned how to get picture how to write and how to use the whole app. Once I got the hang of the app I was able to completely start my project. I had a problem with the app at first but then I found the right explain everything to use I had to use the classic one. The classic one was not different from the other one but it did work better. once everything was settled I was fine.

After everything was settled I was able to actually get started with my project which I was really happy about. I am really excited. The research was hard work. It was hard to find a lot of information about the printing press. I thought that my project would be different then it is, but I still like my project. Once I found my information I was good.

Rocket Launch #1

On Monday, 23 October our class launched rockets. My group name was the Blasting Rockets we got the lowest launch at the average of 20 m. The class average was 41.5m our rocket was 21.5m lower than the class average. My job in the group was to place the rocket onto the launch pad and I helped with the bicycle pump, which pumped air into the rocket. We had to be careful not to pump in to much air. If we pumped to much air the rocket could explode while it is in the air. We used water to replace fuel to make the rocket launch.

When the rocket launched it spun and flipped around in the air. I wonder why it flipped and spun around? I thought it could’ve been that we had two fins at the bottom and three at the top so the rocket was unbalanced. I was disappointed that are rocket was the lowest. At that moment I wondered what we did differently to the other groups that would of made our rocket go higher. Everybody in my group including me thought that it was because our rocket was too light some wind could have did that or the pressure. Even though our rocket was the lowest it was a lot of fun to launch our rocket and see everybody else launch their rocket.