Immigration Filming

In school we are working on a immigration project. We started filming because it is a stop motion movie. We started working on the first scene, but we think we are going to do redo it. So today would be a learning experience. Also because there was kind of a mess up. This is what are lego stop motion was for it was a practice. Anyways the topic we are filming on is push and pull. The people in my group are Lexi and Mia the same people from the last stop motion. It can kind of get frustrating when you just want someone to walk across the room. It takes a while. It is cool though once you watch it. To add the speaking we will first take the pictures. Then we will add the talking. We have to make sure that we have enough second which is hard because it is hard to predict how long the talking will be. That is all about stop motion.

Constitution Project

In class we are doing a constitution project. First we rolled a die to see what subject you got. The options were technology, people, famous documents, art, and  important events. I got technology during the constitution the subject for technology I wanted to do was printing press. Then we had to get what we would do to present so we rolled another die it I got explain everything. Explain everything is like a slide show on google but you can write on it with a marker on the app and you can explain it by recording slides. Also explain everything can only be on the iPad.

For explain everything I had to research and I found pictures of printing press so I was able to see what it looked like. I also found a video that taught me how to use a printing press. I also read books about the printing press. After my research I was able to start explain everything. I had to get the hang of it at first because the app was new to my. I learned how to get picture how to write and how to use the whole app. Once I got the hang of the app I was able to completely start my project. I had a problem with the app at first but then I found the right explain everything to use I had to use the classic one. The classic one was not different from the other one but it did work better. once everything was settled I was fine.

After everything was settled I was able to actually get started with my project which I was really happy about. I am really excited. The research was hard work. It was hard to find a lot of information about the printing press. I thought that my project would be different then it is, but I still like my project. Once I found my information I was good.

My Colonial America Book Reflection


I really liked making my Colonial America book it was really excited. I researched a lot and  read a lot of books and once I got all my information I was able to write my book. I choose my topic Colonial Women because I was interested in learning about colonial women like what there life was like.

First I planed my book like I had to plan what all my chapters were going to be like and the name oImage result for colonial americaf them. Like my first chapter was “All About Colonial Times” for that chapter I had to plan what I wanted to make it be like. Also my second chapter “Colonial Women” I had to choose what information I wanted to put in my book about colonial women.

After the planing I had to find information so I had to read books and look at web sites about Colonial America. After finding all the information I need I had to put in to my slide show. So I had to put all my information together. After that I put pictures in and made a glossary and a bibliography and then my slide show was done.

Hope you read my Colonial Women Book.