Site Visit and Interview

As it says in my other post I am researching on my Capstone project on Apple Inc. I needed to have a site visit at an Apple store or a place related to Apple and an interview with someone who works there. It was easy to get a site visit and an interview.

This weekend I had my site visit at the Apple Store in Greenwich. When I went I observed on what was happening at the store at the store at that time. Also I observed what all the products and services they offer and I took pictures. People were sitting at tables with phones. The people working there helped the crowd and showed them iPhones and iPads. I took pictures as notes including pictures of computers, beats, speakers, iPhones and a tooth brush.

On Monday I had my interview with my uncle, Tracey who works for Apple and lives in Florida. My interview was over FaceTime. We talked for around 30 minutes I asked all different questions about Apple Inc. I ask him questions that are related to my main question “how did Apple’s products improve people’s everyday life from when they did not have Apple to now?” and then other questions about Apple. It was very exciting to have my interview and site visit I learned new things about Apple and their products that helps me understand more about Apple.

Stop Motion

In class we have started a stop motion unit. We were allowed to make our own groups, which I was happy about. We tried two ways to make our own teams, but that did not work. Finally, we made fair teams and I was happy about who was on my team. I thought it was a good team. We had a team of three. The people on my team were Lexi and Mia. I thought we can make a really good film.

After that we picked out our legos we got stormtrooper, chewbacca, a motorcycle dude, a mohawk guy, and a girl. Once we had are legos we needed to think of what we were going to do. We made a video, but it was not good. Lucky for us we had another time to make a new video, which I think was really good. I did not make the whole thing. I had help by Lexi and Mia because they were in my group. I have to be honest and say it was not me who thought of the idea. It had some funny parts, interesting parts, some really cool parts, and some really good parts. I was proud of our film especially because it was hard. Like, one thing that happened was that the camera moved, and we could not find the exact spot but we still got close. I was really happy with our film and I was new to stop motion, but I did have two people who helped me.

This is my Stop Motion Video (Not the whole video)