Answering My Main Inquiry Question

For capstone I have been researching to answer my main question How has Apple products improve people’s everyday life?” I has studied for the last month to answer that question. I researched and looked at all the information I could find trying to answer my main question. After all the information I got I found the answer to my main question which is Apple products improved people’s life by you can send an email to someone when you need to tell someone something the same for texts. Also Apple made a watch, a watch that connects to your phone and that is touch screen to make things easier for people which improves people’s life. There are many different devices that Apple makes that improve people’s everyday life which are all of Apple’s products everyone of them help people.

Rube Goldberg 8

We changed the goal to alka seltzer in water from stamp on paper. After a few times we made it work. It was so exciting. It felt so good I was so relieved. I can’t believe it worked. After 3 goals and 73 takes it worked. It took a long time, but it was wroth it. We were screaming so loud when it completed the course. We were all so happy. It felt like a weight was lifted off our chest. I would show the video, but I don’t have it right now. It took us a while, but we kept trying changed our goals until we got it right. We got really frustrated along the way, but at the end I felt so good. Lexi and Mia did to.